Eline E3 2021 Event Show most likely to be listed live show canceled

Update: The VGC has found that the Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission Board has listed E3 2021 as a “canceled live event.”

Original story [Mon 8th Feb, 2021 20:45 GMT]: The Entertainment Software Software Association announced last year that they would go digital for E3 2021, which will take place from June 15 to 17. Now, amid questions about what the future of sports conferences will look like, they have discussed their plans for this year.

Every summer since 1995, the so-called “E3” Electronic Entertainment Expo U.S. Held in. It is the largest gaming convention in the world, widely attended by the sports press, and is usually one of the main times and places where new announcements, revelations and trailers can be seen for the first time.