Elderly Scrolls Netflix series in development

In between Vichar, Castlevia, And next Cult of assassins And Resident Evil With TV shows currently in production, Netflix has become a hub for content based on popular video game franchises. Now, a new rumor suggests that this trend will once again continue with a new series surrounding one of gaming’s most iconic fantasy properties.

Netflix is ​​considering a new series based on a partnership with Bethesda, according to a new report. The Elder Scrolls Video games series. First relaunched in 1994, The Elder Scrolls Methline is one of the longest running franchises in Bethesda with a standout entry in the series. Moroind, Oblivion, And Skyrim. When it comes to joining the show, it will be a variety of live-action action. Netflix also wants to say that the show is just as big Vichar If that is the result.

Where the rumor arises, it comes from a Daniel Richman. In the past, Richman has proven to be a pretty reliable source and has had scoops pertaining to the film and television industries ahead of time. So while you should definitely take this report with a normal grain of salt, there may be some validity.

How Bethesda could approach such a situation, well, there is a track record showing that they may be ready to play ball with Netflix. For those who don’t remember, Bethesda actually announced in 2020 that it was working with Amazon to create a TV series based on its other major franchises, To fall. While it remains to be seen whether the release label wants to work with two different streaming companies to simultaneously create a TV show, a previous move shows that it is very interested in exploring the television sector a bit more.

Naturally, there is no confirmation yet that any of this is happening, but if this results, you imagine we will hear more officially from Bethesda or Netflix in the future. Until then, if you want to continue with all our other dedicated coverage The Elder Scrolls, You can do so by following our hub here.

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