El Paso imposed a curfew as a 300 percent increase in COVID-19 hospital cases

An El Paso judge in Texas imposed a nighttime curfew in both the county and the city on Sunday as the hospital and ICU beds reached 100 percent capacity, with a 300 percent increase in hospitalized Covid-19 patients in the past month. Judge Ricardo Samniego issued the curfew, which will be maintained by law enforcement agencies for the next two weeks between 10pm and 5am. NBC affiliate KTSM9 .. reports. Sanamigo said businesses that violate health guidelines face the possibility of school closures and told school districts to postpone sports programs. . Officials also announced Sunday that the El Paso Convention Center will be converted into a makeshift hospital to meet the massive influx of COVID-1 patients, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services, the federal government, for assistance next week. Sends health workers.

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