Eight years after development, Star Citizen fans are increasingly upset that Star Citizen is still Star Citizen

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Screenshot: Squad 42

While the wider world has accepted that Star Citizen (and his spin-off of a player Squad 42 Those who paid for the game in 2012, and have paid or have continued to pay since then, may never come to light, are increasingly unhappy with the apparent lack of progress and communication from developers at Cloud Imperium Games.

The latest episode of fan disquiet Squad 42, a game that expires in 2016specifically. In March, CIG released a promising development roadmap more regular updates on the game, which say “we have found that the format in which we have tried to visualize our progress linearly does not coincide with the approach we are taking in the development of Squad 42”, and that “We want to be clear: progress in Squad 42 is happening and we are very happy with that progress. But we know that our roadmap does not reflect that progress. “

Now it’s almost August, and fans have neither seen nor heard anything, which caused Reddit Posts and threads in the game forums complaining about this, and asking, sometimes in less polite terms than this, what’s wrong.

In response, CIG released a new statement it says … now they are working on a new roadmap, but it is not ready, and that “because it is still in development, we cannot share as much as [we] I would like to. “Hilariously, the statement ends with:

While not quite ready, it is currently the top priority in current web team projects. In the immediate future, we plan to deliver the following communications:

  1. Give an explanation of the objectives of our new Roadmap and what to expect from it.
  2. Show a rough model of the proposed new roadmap
  3. Share a version of the Work in Progress Roadmap for at least one of our core teams
  4. And then finally the transition to this new roadmap

Please note that last month Star Citizen funding boost, which started in 2012they passed the $ 300 million brand. And that in 2018 I wrote a post about Squad 42 which ended with Cloud Imperium saying “We will publish the full roadmap for the launch of Squad 42 in December.”