Efficiency of China shot after Brazil uncertain, Turkey result

With the tests of The coronavirus vaccine of the brand and Synovac Biotech Ltd. in Turkey indicates that the shot is 90% safe on both sides, yet there is no final assessment of how effective it is in protecting people against Covid-19.

According to a person familiar with the trial, Sinovac is finalizing the results of Phase III in Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and Chile. Those tests are relatively independent of each other and are conducted according to different types of protocols, usually subject to the unified norms governing such tests, the person said, adding that the data should not be identified as it is not public.

Researchers in Brazil earlier this week There was a delay in releasing full information about the synovac vaccine, saying it was found to be more than 50% effective. Sao Paulo State Health Secretary Jean Gorinchen gave more specific guidance on Thursday, saying the vaccine had not reached “0%”, which would make it less successful than developed. Pfizer Inc. And Modernna Inc.

“We don’t know how much higher it is than 0%, whether it’s 0%, 0% or 0%, but it’s at a level that allows us to reduce the impact of disease on our population.” Interview with CBN Radio, Brazil. “We know that effectiveness will never reach 90%.”

Turkey trial

Add to the confusion, turkey A trial of the synovac vaccine in his country states that the estimated effectiveness rate is 21.75%. That hearing, however, is based on only 29 cases, which, according to a person familiar with the tests, are considered insufficient to draw a conclusive conclusion on the effectiveness of the trial. The hearing will continue to collect the Covid-19 case to get a more final reading, the person said.

A spokesman for Sinovak declined to comment on questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The delay in announcing the exact results has also created confusion about the effectiveness of Sinovak’s shots. Chinese developers have been slower than their Western counterparts in publishing effectiveness data, putting a laser focus on the world as these candidates risk self-confidence. Which vaccines are most successful in fighting the epidemic?

Pfizer and Moderna shots, meanwhile, have shown a more than 90% reduction in pathological cases.

Race to China Covid-19 The vaccine raises safety questions

The reason Brazil has not yet released full efficacy numbers is that Sinowack and its partners are reviewing all the Covid-19 cases found in the participants, the person said. There have been more than 170 cases in the Brazilian trial, but Sinowack needs to check whether it meets all the criteria set by the Chinese drug regulator.

According to the person, regulators from China and Brazil, as well as Sinowak and his colleagues are still in the process of analyzing data from the Brazil trial. Ultimately, Synovac hopes to see unified standards to ensure similar comparisons across different trial sites, the person said. The protocol of the Brazilian trial says that the U.S. The Covid-19 case is diagnosed under the guidance of the Food and Drug Administration.

The late phase trial of the synovac vaccine in Brazil, which includes Button Institute and Sao Paulo state officials said earlier in the week that 13,000 participants indicated the shot was “safe and effective.”

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