6ix9ine hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to her post-trolling trolling duties. The rapper has filled the role with joy as he addresses everyone in various IG videos and commentary, thereby promoting his mission of staying in the spotlight and being a constant hip-hop shaker.

Just yesterday he did exactly this, when he shared a video where he called who’s who of current rappers: Future, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, and more. He’s also encouraged beef with YK Osiris, and essentially anyone who tries to question the success of his new singles, “GOOBA” and “TROLLZ” with Nicki Minaj.

While the previous single went platinum, 6ix9ine has been on a mission to prove that “TROLLZ” broadcast numbers are real. She called complete streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, and similarly exposed Cardi B’s fan base for allegedly trying to suppress “TROLLZ” broadcasts. In another post, she called Ebro Darden, Hot 97 radio presenter and Apple Music curator, claiming she denied “TROLLZ” of the radio stream, but the single still achieved # 1.

Well, Ebro has issued a subtle response to all of this, which fans are acknowledging in their comment section. The New York personality shared a quick screenshot of the top 10 Apple Music songs in the world based on broadcast numbers, and “TROLLZ” is nowhere to be found.

“These world’s greatest songs are based on broadcasts on @applemusic,” he wrote in the photo.

Some users in their comments section call it enemy, while others ask for 6ix9ine and others just post the clown face emoji.

Check it out below.