Each Animal Crossing Game ranked, according to critics

Despite the spin-fl flops, most of the main series are popular. Here’s how critics rate a favorite animal crossing franchise.

Since its inception in 2001 Animal crossing The series has entered the hearts of gamers. The series is praised for its comfortable atmosphere that targets casual gamers. After all, it’s unique to find a game that focuses on the common things of life. Gardening, fishing and chatting with neighbors are at the forefront of gameplay. Unlike most titles, there is no set end goal. This feature puts creative control in the hands of players, making the series a welcome form of escapism.

Animal crossingThe success of is undeniable. It has some of the best selling games on Nintendo consoles. Despite the spin-off flop, most franchises are well received. City lock And New horizons Mark the end of the welcome spectrum. Critics saw City lock As a “lazy” sequel, while New horizons Was considered “brilliant”. Using the scores of Metacritic’s critics, let’s break it down City lock, New horizons And everything in between.

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Animal Crossing: Amibo Festival: 46/100

This Animal crossing The spin-off is notoriously known as a commercial failure. Billed as a party video game, it wasn’t very interesting. Although its presentation was appropriate, critics could not see it before seeing the repetitive gameplay, weak amoeba integration and lack of innovation. For that reason, this “party” is a real dude.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: 66/100

Art for Animal Crossing Facial Art: Happy Home Designer

Happy home designer The second spin is off Animal crossing Series. With sandbox gameplay, it was praised for its creative freedom but lacked any real depth or challenge. As a single installment, Happy home designer Were too shallow to hold Animal crossing Fan attention.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: 72/100

This spin-f is similar to a free-to-play mobile game Pokemon Go. The social simulator lets players interact with a small campsite where they can meet other campers, do small tasks, engage in commerce, and decorate living spaces. although Pocket camp It’s a very well-received spin-off, with its average reviews doing little to compete with the main range.

Animal Crossing: City Lock: 73/100

Still praised for its “Nintendo charm,”. City lock Got low marks from critics. The game offers nothing new from previous installments, making it monotonous for veteran players. Though IGNNomination for Best Family Game and Best Online Multiplayer Game, City lock At least the revised sequel went with the award.

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City lock Managed to become a bestselling title, but some argue that its success is primarily due to new players and not to existing fan base. As IGN’s Craig Harris puts it, “Animal Crossing: City Folk Animal Crossing was not made for fans. It was made for people who missed the first two. The game is often criticized for being “lazy” and perhaps a compilation of fresh content from Nintendo’s unused ideas. Animal Crossing: City Folk Gets the lowest score in the main series.

Animal Crossing: Wild World: 86/100

Wild World This is the second installment of the series and the first to include a playline play, highly sought after by fans. The game’s intuition was praised, but some believe the changes are extra. although Wild World Not to mention, it’s a relaxing, enjoyable experience that spans countless hours of play.

Animal Crossing: 87/100

Breaking on the scene in 2001, Animal crossing Receiving critical acclaim, it made it one of the best-selling Nintendo GameCube games ever. It was a commercial success that inspired many installments and Japanese animated films. The simulator draws awards for console gaming innovation, game design and out-of-smart design in-console role-playing game of the year.

Take a page with such titles Harvest Moon, Nintendo managed to make the work entertaining. Real-time clock, dynamic asons tuo and social meditation, Animal crossing Set an example for future installments. And with the help of beautiful animal villagers, it was a recipe for success. Targeting more casual gamers, Animal crossing It has become known as “Everyone’s Game”, which helps it develop into an addictive franchise today.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 88/100

New page Marking change in range. Although the gameplay has been relatively consistent, players will now be able to become the mayor of that city. With the help of the secretary and the villagers, the goal is to make the city an excellent place to live. With the addition of swimming and diving, players can interact with the world in new ways. In combination with furniture customization options, New page Achieved a delicate balance of innovation and familiarity.

As a result, the reception was positive, critics said, adding that the game’s scenes and detailed attention gave the virtual world “real, tangible depth”. Often described as “magical.” New page Not just one boring installment – it’s a new world based on research and wonder.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 90/100

New horizons The gaming community was taken by storm during the epidemic. Even non-gamers scooped up the Nintendo Switch Exclusive to see what all the fuss was about. The success made it the second best-selling switch game ever.

New horizons Received universal praise. Reviewers praised the game’s “cool” and comfortable atmosphere. As in the previous installment, New horizons The player offers control and creativity but with better graphics. There is no denying that the epidemic played a key role in the success of the game. New horizons Became a form of escapism for those dealing with excess stress. Due to the rules of social distance, it was used for marriage and graduation. John Biden also stepped forward in action, unveiling digital yard signs for players to decorate their island. While the globe was buzzing with scary unknown, New horizons Worked as an eccentric constant.

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