EA disables UFC 4 in-game ads following player aggression

UFC 4 ads in the game

Update: Following a backlash from fans, Electronic Arts has disabled ads in UFC 4 round-the-clock games. In a statement to Eurogamer and published on Reddit, in a statement earlier this week, the team turned to ad placement in EA Sports UFC 4 which appeared during “replay” moments in gameplay. Although this type of ad listing is not new to the UFC franchise, we have specifically reserved it to display ads on main menu tiles or octagon logo placements.

“From your feedback it is very clear that integrating ads into replay and overlay experience is not welcome. Ads have been disabled by teams and we apologize for any interruptions in gameplay experienced by players.”

The statement continues: “We realize that this conversation with the players should take place ahead of time and it’s up to us. The integration will not reappear in the future. Thank you for your continued feedback on EA Sports UFC4. “

Original story: Bloody hell, this is the stink of EA. UFC 4, the publisher’s latest UFC SIM, was released in mid-August for solid critical reviews. However, here we are after less than a month, and EA has decided to turn real world advertising into experience. These ads don’t just appear at the bottom of the menu, either – they appear in the middle of your fight.

The Reddit community of the game is understandably outraged, and players are also starting to hear their voices on social media. Given the company’s frequently disputed history it certainly doesn’t look good for EA, but only time will tell whether this movement will have any impact, here’s hoping it does.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about this is that EA waited about three weeks or more before planting these ads in the game. This means that when most commercial publications reviewed the publication, these ads did not exist. It is reasonable to assume that if they had been present at the launch, these sh * hurricanes would have been much larger.

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