Dwight Howard was ready to do ‘whatever’, 76ers want a chance to win the title in Philly

Refreshed by winning his first NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard said Wednesday he was ready to do what he was told to do to get a second win with his new team, the Philadelphia 76ers.

“Winning the championship was everything, and it made me realize I could have the best stats in the world and that doesn’t mean anything,” Howard said after signing a one-year deal with Philadelphia for the minimum. “Free agency.” Because he was here, I won the championship and there were games where I didn’t hit the bucket, or score a goal on the field, or get minutes in a game. The real thing is to hold that trophy.

“My message to everyone on that team will be: What are you willing to give up to get that trophy? Sometimes you have to give up everything. Sometimes your role and what you need. [is] To give up the things you want to do the most. For me, I chose to be the person to get all the points and rebounds, but my team needed me for a specific purpose, and that was to provide spirit and power off and on the court.

“I think I’ve done a very good job at it, and I’m willing to do what this team tells me to do.”

Daryl Morey, Sixers president of Basketball Operations, said he would try to sell the best candidates available at the free agency to come to Philadelphia after trading with Al Horford the Kalahoma City Thunder on Draft Night to better balance the roster. And back up the team’s star center, Joel Embid.

According to Howard, Rivers did exactly that, at Free Agency’s Friday evening at. At 0 o’clock Howard was called and told that the Sixers wanted to sign with him.

Howard, who turns 35 next month, said he eventually pushed her to join the Sixers.

“The reason why I’m locked out of being here in Philly is that the doctor was the only coach who called me during this free-agency process,” Horde said. “He was the first person to call me and he said we want you. We want you in our team. And then Daryl called. I said this is the place where I need to live right now. This is where my journey calls me. Philly. I’m so glad Doc called me, he gave me a chance, and I said yes. I said I would come. “

Howard’s Hall of Fame fame career has taken a circuitous path in the last several asons, as he went on to play for six teams playing for the first eight seasons of his career from the Land Relando Magic – the Lakers, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Wharton and Charlotte Wharton. Then the Lakers again – in the last eight seasons.

He is now heading to Philadelphia, where he will play behind Embed – which has been argued by Hobbard over the long-held mantle as the NBA’s best center. And between the combination of Embed and Ben Simmons and the talent around them, Howard said he hopes to be part of a second consecutive championship-winning team this season.

“There are a lot of things,” Howard said when asked why he thinks the Sixers can win a title. “You have two great stars in Ben Simmons and Joel embed, I start from there. Those people, I saw when Joel lost. [to the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference semifinals in 2019] And how bad it got, he just cried, and I know how he feels. It was like I was there the moment before, ‘Man, I gave everything I had. I put it all on the line and I came soon. ‘It doesn’t sit well with you, it really stays with you for a long time. So with that I know there’s a fire inside of him, and we’ve all seen a glimpse of him all year, and I think this is the year where he has to focus. I focus on him, I focus on Ben, and that’s where it starts with our two best players.

“Then you look at the rest of our team, they’re all hungry, they never knew how to win. And I think by adding someone like Danny Green, we were refreshed by winning the championship, and I think we all We know what it really takes to get to the next level. And I think this is a really great opportunity. You always have to talk about winning coaches, how important it is to win, and you have some players who just want it. .I think this team will be our year by focusing on this team and the drive we need to succeed. “

Howard, who was having lunch with baked chicken, sweet potato fries and corn during his video call, was also specifically asked about Ambide’s personality, and if possible with a lighter heart – as Howard was also early in his career – and won. Was. At the highest level.

He backtracked on the issue, saying he felt the embed put in the necessary work, and did not care what his critics said.

“I don’t see what he does as a fool,” Howard said. “It works. I think people, when they laugh and joke and believe in a good time and they say they’re not serious, or they’re not focused enough. It’s just a time and a time. Put for everything.

“I think what Joel does is great. It upsets the other opponents, it keeps him locked and the team plays better. Now will there come a time when we all have to be a little more serious? Yes and. “It’s something we do. We all have to learn together. How to live in certain situations. But I don’t think it’s part of the sacrifice. I think it’s just part of understanding time and place.”

“And I think it would help to show some little boys to me because people think I’m not focused or I’ve been in that position before I’m playing too much. Maybe for outsiders it felt like I was. Playing around. So he’s looking for ways to do it right for the team, and I think we’ll do it this year. “