Dustin Poirier Named Inaugural Winner of ‘Diamond-Hearted’ Community Service Award

Dustin Poirier was met with a pleasant surprise at the UFC weigh-ins on ESPN 12. The former interim lightweight champion will become the inaugural winner of the Forrest Griffin Community Award.

As the name implies, the award tends to recognize and reward fighters who choose to give back to society.

Immediately after the weigh-ins for their next fight, the UFC announced that Dustin will receive the award. Although this was a surprise, Poirier had some great ideas to share. In an interview with ESPN’s Jon Anik, Poirier said:

“I’m just thankful, man. I really am. Life goes on and great things happen. Thank you all very much for everything: for spreading the word, for helping me spread this and touch so many people with this platform. “

UFC President Dana White personally chooses the recipient of the award. Therefore, he definitely had some good things to say about Poirier after the announcement. He said,

“Dustin is a great athlete. But most importantly, he is a great human being. He is a child who works hard and is passionate about giving back not only to his community but to [also] the less fortunate. “

Forrest Griffin, the light heavyweight veteran named after the award, said:

“I am very happy that people like him are in sports. He is a good person and a good representative of the sport. When you look back on your life, it is something you can reflect on and be proud of. I couldn’t ask for a better spokesperson and leader to start the award legacy. “[Quotesfrom[quotesfrom[citasde[quotesfromUFC.com]

The Good Fight- Charity by Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier began his adventure towards goodwill with the launch of ‘Good Fight’, an unprofitable organization along with his wife, Jolie Poirier.

Poirier experienced the joy of being around children after meeting her firstborn, Parker Noelle Poirier. From there she began her journey to try to bring happiness to all faces.

After its start in 2018, Good Fight has achieved several milestones in the short period of its existence.

Dustin Poirier

From Good Foods to creating shelters, educational campaigns, and job opportunity campaigns, Good Fight has invested its efforts wherever possible.

The organization follows an approach that generally does not aim to serve those who belong to a specific community. Instead, Poirier reaches out to anyone who needs it and his hands can reach.

Pulling out his inner ‘Diamond’, Poirier doesn’t stop struggling with memories or clothing to stay on the mantelpiece. Instead, he auctioned off his fighting possessions to donate and care for the well-being of those who have the misfortune to live a much less spectacular life for him. For example, families of fallen heroes from law enforcement.

[Source- UFC on YouTube]

Aaron Hill’s Story

One of those stories of positivity the organization aims to spread is that of Aaron Hill, 7.

The young man encountered a terrible terminal illness. Little by little, Aaron lost his ability to walk or speak.

However, what he did not lose was the innocence and the enormous heart he had. So when the time came to ask for whatever he wanted, whatever wishes he had, he surprised Poirier with his kindness.

Despite the mundane wishes he may have fulfilled, Hill decided to wish for a playground to be made for other children at Prairie Elementary School. This was so that other children with similar conditions had a playground to enjoy.

Dustin Poirier

Aaron’s disinterest moved Poirier to such an extent that the latter still cries as he talks about it.

After his fight with Max Holloway, Poirier immediately auctioned off his equipment and worked to prepare the playground.

Poirier truly and richly deserves recognition for the passion with which he intends to return to the world. While ‘Diamond’ capitalizes on his whole personality, from his toughness as a fighter to the human inside, ‘Diamond-Hearted’ is something he has proven himself to be.

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