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– According to experts, a coronavirus vaccine could be available to the American public in 2021. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci warns the public that the timeline is fluid.

“Although the safety and efficacy of a vaccine can never be guaranteed until it is actually tested in the field, we are cautiously optimistic,” he said.

Duke University researchers are among those who work tirelessly to create a vaccine.

Clinical trials are expected to begin in the coming weeks.

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The Duke researchers, however, disagree with Fauci’s suggested timeline of having a vaccine by 2021; instead they said their timeline seems unrealistic

While some people may be able to receive a vaccine by 2021, the consensus among Duke researchers was that it won’t be widely available at the time.

A Duke researcher in Singapore who is working on a vaccine said they are in the animal testing phase right now, but they hope to move into clinical trials soon.

The researchers explained that it will take a while to know if the vaccine is effective.

So there are practical considerations. The manufacture of millions or billions of vaccines will take a long time.


One researcher, David Ridley, said: “I respect that optimism. But will you and I be vaccinated this year? No way! I think it is entirely possible, it is possible that a vaccine will be approved this year. But not on scale. We you won’t have much of this. “

Duke researchers said they think this year next year is a more practical target for when a vaccine could be widely available to the public.