DJ Khaled has been sparking his new collaborations with Drake for months, preparing us for the big two track release of “Greece” and “Popstar”. They finally fell last night and, as usual, the new songs have been the topic of conversation in the city.

Various reactions have come from both songs but, for the most part, they are positive. As it is, “Popstar” seems to be the more popular cut of the two. While “Greece” still hits, it appears to be taking a light seat at the back. Even on YouTube, “Popstar” is listed as the # 1 trending release, while “Greece” is at # 2.

Of course, with each release of Drake comes the haters. This time, people say that he is recycling Valee’s streams in “Popstar” and trying to sound like The Weeknd in “Greece”. Even the greatest artist in the world cannot shake the comparisons. To be fair, his hook on “Popstar” is reminiscent of Valee’s “Womp Womp” to some degree … even Valee’s manager agreed.

One thing’s for sure: if Drake is gifting these two songs to DJ Khaled, we’re not ready for the rapper’s album.

What do you think of “Greece” and “Popstar”? Let us know in the comments.

“Pop star”