Dragon Age: Inquisition – Dragon Battles (Tips and Tricks)


For lovers of dark fantasy games and action role-playing games, BioWare’s 2015 Game of the Year Winner Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a unique escape from the real world. Thanks to some timely PC and PlayStation 4 game sales from EA and Origin, the full version of the popular RPG’s Game of the Year, which includes all DLC content, is now available for just $ 12 on PC and $ 10 on PS4, leading to an influx of new players. With announced Dragon Age 4 Still a long time away, fans and newcomers can explore the land and tradition before its release. Whether a player has started their first journey through Thedas or spent hours exploring, the game changes every time and is always based on the player’s choices. With Dragon Age: InquisitionWith the unique open-world style, players can choose to perform side quests in any order and at any time. Your experience becomes uniquely yours, making it extremely reproducible.

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Despite the initial barrage of demons emerging from the Reckles and Rebel Templars and Wise Men, as the name suggests, Dragon Age: Inquisition Launch players into various dragon battles, each with their own unique difficulties. Players can find themselves in one of those battles early in the game before they have enough power to do much more than fight a dragon. As players advance the main storyline, increasing their power, and adding members to their party, fighting dragons is more easily won. For beginners and old pros, here are some tips for a much smoother dragon battle.

Where to find dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Vinsomer's tall dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition, found on the Storm Shore

Ten tall dragons appear throughout Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition and it has powers in one of the three possible elements: fire, ice or electricity. The best way to counter them, as with certain Magic Barriers, is by using their magical opposite: for fire dragons, ice powers; for ice dragons, fire powers; and for electricity dragons, spiritual powers.

The first dragon a player will encounter is the Fereldan Frostback in the Inner Lands in Lady Shayna’s Valley by Dusklight Camp and the World Map or with Corypheus in Haven during the main mission In Your Heart Shall Burn. The Hinterlands Dragon and its two Dragonlings are bosses that must be defeated immediately, while Corypheus’ Dragon cannot be fought until the end of the game and does not count as one of the ten dragons in Thedas.

It is not advisable to try to fight the Fereldan Frostback until a player has reached level 12. In fact, it is not advisable to try to fight none dragon up to at least Level 12, or they can do a quick job of a player’s game.

The other nine dragons can be found in the following locations and must be fought at the following player skill levels:

  • Crestwood near Three Trout Farm Camp and south of dam: Northern Hunter (Level 13)
  • Western approach near Nazaire’s Pass camp in “The Wastes” (south of Nazaire Pass): Abyssal High Dragon (Level 14)
  • Exalted Plains near Camp Fens in Crow Fens in the extreme northeast: Gamordan Storm Rider (Level 15)
  • Emerald Tombs near Din’an Hanin in the Southfinger Watch region: Greater Mistral (Level 17)
  • Storm Coast, just north of the beachside Driftwood Margin Camp, west of Blades of Hessarian Camp, or on Dragon Island: Vinsomer (Level 19)
  • Emprise du Lion east in the first ring after the bridge: Wintery (Level 19)
  • Whistling debris north of The Cove Camp and near Fairel’s Tomb: Sandy Howler (Level 20)
  • Emprise du Lion east in Judicael’s Ring: The Kaltenzahn (Level 21)
  • Emprise du Lion eastbound on the northernmost ring called Leontine’s Ring: The Highland Ravager (Level 23)

Suggested party for Dragon Battles in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Players can choose which companions join their party in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and each party contains a combination of wizards, warriors, and rogues.

As with any other battle in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the suggested group construction is left to the player’s preference. Players often choose a party member in each class, as their different abilities, weapons, and armor can work well together against a single threat. This party style would include at least a Warrior, a Rogue, and a Magician (not counting the player character).

Depending on the player’s class and abilities (and weapon type), they may want to choose a groupmate of a different type. For example, a Rogue double dagger player may want to bring in a Rogue archer like Varric. Meanwhile, a Warrior player with a weapon and shield can bring another Warrior with a two-handed weapon, such as Iron Bull. Still, this is a matter of preference.

It is also advisable to bring at least one wizard, although more can also help win the fight. All tall dragons have a resistance and a weakness, often tied to magical abilities. As a bonus, mages with the Barrier Spirit ability can help protect the party. However, this is not necessary if a player’s party members have equipped their weapons with Runes.

Two potential teammates, Blackwall and Cole, have powerful abilities that a player can earn for points that make it difficult, if not impossible, for an enemy to kill them, so there is a possibility that they are good options.

Some fans suggest bringing in a character in love (with the exception of Cullen and Josephine, who are not companions), as this can sometimes help raise approval ratings with the character in love and build their bond with the player character. However, this tends to be truer for main story quests than specifically dragons.

Tips for Better Dragon Slaughter in Dragon Age: Inquisition

A player fights a tall dragon Fereldan Frostback with his party in Dragon Age: Inquisition

There are a few things a player can do to ensure a better dragon fight in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Players can use these tips for any of the tall dragons in Thedas.

To do investigation

Nothing beats preparation when it comes to fighting dragons. Players must investigate the dragon, especially to find out what power they are resistant to, as that is the power they have. This can help them select the right armor and weapons to better protect themselves against dragon attacks and keep the party alive longer. If a player still has skill points, he can also select special attacks and attack updates for wizards who will most benefit from a dragon fight.

Change difficulty setting

This may be less popular with more experienced players, but for those players just starting out or for those who want to play more for the narrative and less for the fights, players can change the difficulty setting at any time during the game, and Players may use all set difficulties multiple times in one play without penalty. The options are casual, using easy AI; Normal, which uses moderate AI; Hard, using full AI; and Nightmare, which also uses full AI.

Players who want to do this must enter the Hero Menu and choose Settings, then select the difficulty setting they want to use. The Casual setting will make fighting dragons a bit easier (as well as making difficulty harder for other battles), and players who aren’t interested in defeating dragons can always switch to Casual for those fights and then come back. in your own way.

Equip runes

Runes are added to weapons in Dragon Age: Inquisition and it can be obtained in various ways. Players can purchase them using the Buy / Sell option, earn them as rewards from war table missions or side missions, or create them. When creating or modifying weapons, once a player has reached Skyhold and unlocked the Arcanist at the War Table, they can add runes to their weapons. Often these imbue weapons with certain powers that can help kill dragons.

The best runes for dragon fighting are the Dragon Slayer Rune, the Fire Rune (for tall dragons with ice abilities), the Ice Rune (for tall dragons with fire abilities), and the Spiritual Rune (for tall dragons). with electricity skills). While none of these can be added to armor, having weapons with equipped runes strengthens the strength of each hit, which is important since dragons tend to have the highest HP numbers in the game.

Equip resistance tonics

Group members can protect themselves from the effects of a dragon’s powers by equipping Resonic Tonics that protect against those specific powers. Players must obtain the recipe for each of these, which can then be made with specific ingredients. Initially, tonics provide 40% resistance against the effect for 120 seconds. Updating the tonic will add time or power to this resistance. These are especially beneficial for the party member attacking the dragon head-on, although everyone in the party can use them.

Place the heaviest hitter in front of the dragon

Dragon Age: Inquisition It offers players a tactical camera to plan attacks and position group members. This skill becomes especially important when you kill a dragon, since a certain positioning works best during a fight. The member of the group with the greatest brute force and armor (the “tank”) should always be in front of the dragon. This will often be Iron Bull, who loves to fight dragons, but it can be any member of the party who can deliver the strongest blows and withstand the hardest blows.

The other members of the group must remain on the flanks of the dragon to attack from behind. This may require a little more tactical positioning to accomplish, as other party members tend to move to the front of the dragon on their own.

Keep the party close to the dragon

Having the rest of the party, even members with ranged attacks, attacking the dragon from a distance is actually a bad idea, as it opens them up to attacks and prevents them from causing as much damage as possible. Players must keep their particular rogues and wizards close to the tips of the dragon’s wings to avoid direct attacks from the dragon’s claws and tail.

Specific areas of the dragon target first

Dragons have multiple attack zones, which means that it is difficult, if not impossible, to succeed when it comes to attacking the entire dragon. Group members on the dragon’s flanks should aim for the legs, while the heaviest hitter should aim for the head.

Also, dragons can summon dragons when they weaken with enough hits. A key tactical method of dealing with this is for group members with ranged attacks (often archers and wizards) to continue fighting the tall dragon while group members with short-range weapons take care of the dragons.

Remember to revive fallen party members

Because dragons will fly, there will be opportunities to revive fallen party members safely. Players must wait for those opportunities and revive the party members to ensure that they continue to fight the dragon in full force. Reviving will only give the party member a small amount of health, so they will need to use a healing potion immediately after revival.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition It is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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