Draft fan signings: 06/27/20 – MLB trade rumors

The Reds signed two more draft picks for new deals, according to Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Third round selection Bryce Bonnin and fifth round Joe Boyle have both contracts signed. We will use this post to get your contract numbers and keep you updated on other firms throughout the day.

  • Bonnin is a right-handed pitcher from Texas who previously went to the Cubs as the 26th rounder in 2017. After attending Arkansaw, Bonnin transferred to Texas Tech and became his Sunday starter in 2019, helping his club to a record 12 -1 in days took the hill. He finished the year with a 4.08 ERA before fighting for his four starts in 2020 (7.36 ERA). The Reds signed him with a $ 700K deal, slightly below the slot value of $ 721,900, according to Jim Callis of MLB.com.
  • The Reds have two remaining players from their unsigned draft class. C. Trent Rosencrans of Athletic provides the full list, as well as their undrafted free agents signed here. Second Round Pitcher Only Christian roa and receiver Jackson Miller of the competitive balance round remain unsigned.
  • Second round selection Logan Allen He signed yesterday with the Cleveland Indians, but the financial details of their deal have arrived. Allen signed for $ 1,125MM, a tap below the slot ($ 1,276,400), Callis tweets. Allen was a two-way player in college, but like the other Indians Logan Allen, the left-handed most likely future is on the hill.
  • the Pirates announced today that they signed fifth-round pick Logan Hofmann, with details first reported by Marc Delucchi and confirmed by Callis. Hofmann will receive a $ 125K signing bonus, which is below the $ 402K slot value for the 138th overall pick. Hofmann is a right-handed pitcher from the state’s northwest, where he didn’t concede a career-winning 28 innings this spring.
  • The White Sox have signed Bailey Horn, fifth round, for a below-space bonus, according to Callis. Horn, a left-handed Auburn pitcher, will win $ 150K, which represents less than half the slot value of $ 386,600 for the 142nd pick. According to Callis, Horn presents a mix of four shades, of which the slider is his best offer. By signing Horn and Jared Kelley in the second round today, the White Sox now have their five draft picks under contract.