Dow Jones Today, Futures Slip As Coronavirus, Euro Tariffs Weigh; VMware Prepared for Breakdown | Investor Business Diary

Stock futures fell on Wednesday as concerns about the coronavirus and talks about US trade tariffs. USA Against Europe they pressed early trade. IBD 50 Nvidia’s shares rose in a buy range. Amazon rose in a target price rise. Cloud software leader VMware pulled the trigger for an early break. Chevron and Boeing fell to the bottom of the Dow Jones today.


Dow Jones futures were down to a 0.6% loss, continuing to cut losses before the open, despite a warning from the International Monetary Fund that the global economy would contract more than expected for the year. S&P 500 futures fell 0.5% below fair value. Nasdaq 100 futures reduced losses to less than 0.2% as (AMZN) and Netflix (NFLX) was closely traded higher.

Asian equity markets ended mixed on Wednesday. Markets in Europe did not hit initial lows in afternoon trade, after initially diving into the news, the United States Trade Representative said he was considering imposing tariffs on $ 3.1 billion worth of imports. from France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Stocks hurt by the coronavirus economy sank further in early trade. Cruise lines Carnival (CCL) and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) fell 3.8% and 5.4%, respectively, to the S&P 500 fund. United Airlines Holdings (UAL) fell more than 3%, the biggest drop among Nasdaq 100 shares.

Dell Technologies (DELL) had a 13% power surge, after the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday night that the company was considering a possible spin-off of its 81% stake in the leader of virtualization software. VMware (VMW). VMware shares soared 7%, pointing the stock toward an initial bell break above a 157.10 buy point. Premarket moves are not always carried over into regular trading.

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IBD 50 Leaderboard: Nvidia in Buy Range, Amazon’s New Target Price

IBD Classification Table PayPal (PYPL) fell 1.2% in the pre-market action. BTIG downgraded the buy shares to neutral, while KeyBanc Capital and Barclays announced increases in the target price.

Graphics chip leader Nvidia (NVDA) rose 0.6% in premarket trading. The leaderboard name, also a IBD 50 share, is in a buy range above a buy point of 367.37 in a tight three-week pattern.

Amazon posted 0.6% higher after Webush’s target price increase to 3,050 from 2,750. The new target is 10% higher than the stock that ended Tuesday. Amazon shares, an IBD ranking list, are working on their eighth consecutive weekly advance, extended above the purchase points at 2,186.05 and 2,525.55.

Dow Jones Today: Nike Stock

Nike (NKE) jumped for the second day on Tuesday, dropping to 3% from a point of purchase of 101.79 on a handle cup base. The company reports its fourth quarter fiscal results after Thursday’s closing bell. Expectations for the quarter are low, and analyst consensus points to an 85% drop in earnings and a 26% decrease in revenue. Three analysts raised their stock price targets on Tuesday, with estimates ranging from 113 to 130.

Nike shares traded down 0.8% in Dow Joines’ early trading today.

Active IPOs: Peloton, Translate Bio

Hotshot fitness IPO Peloton Interactive (PTON) appeared 3.8% after a third direct increase in the target price. The shares ended 89% higher on Tuesday than their initial September offer price.

Translate biography (TBIO) jumped another 7.6%, trading near the top of the Russell 2000. Jefferies raised the share’s target price to 29 from 17, to reflect the vaccine association with France. Sanofi (SNY), announced Tuesday. Shares soared 46% on Tuesday. Sanofi fell 1.9% early Wednesday.

Coronavirus update: global

Worldwide, as coronavirus infections declined or remained low in Europe and countries such as Canada and South Africa, tests confirmed more than 167,000 new cases of coronavirus infections in the 24 hours through Wednesday morning. That 1.8% increase brought the global total of infected people since the start of the outbreak to more than 9,377 million.

The death rate recovered to 1.1%, with the death of another 5,422 people, bringing the total number of deaths to 480,220. Cases between countries of the European Economic Area remained stable at around 16% of the world total. Deaths in EEA countries were just under 37% of the total, according to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Cases in the United States were also constant as a percentage of the world total, with 26% and 26% of deaths.

Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru reported large numbers of new cases and increasing infection rates. In addition, India confirmed almost 16,000 new cases. Furthermore, the number of new cases in Russia remained large, but continued to decline. Spain lifted its state of emergency after a three-month blockade.

Coronavirus update: US USA

In the USA In the US, 36,268 new cases raised the cumulative count of coronavirus infections 1.5% to more than 2,424 million. The death count increased 0.7%, another 865 deaths, to 123,476, according to Worldometer data.

Texas and California reported more than 5,000 new cases on Tuesday, a record. The Washington Post also reported that records were also set in Arizona, Nevada, and Missouri. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has imposed a statewide mandate that residents wear masks when they are out of their homes. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont was considering requiring proof of negative results for anyone traveling from a highly infected state.

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But the numbers of new cases are complicated and tend to increase and decrease with the levels of tests administered by a state or country. Tests in the USA USA They increased on Tuesday, with the COVID Follow-Up Project reporting 511,484 tests administered for the day. That was well below recent highs.

The critical number remains the active case count, which rose 1.4% on Tuesday to another record above 1.28 million. Active cases are inpatients or under supervised quarantine, and Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas all reported hospitalizations rose to record levels on Tuesday.

Dow Jones Today: the divided market

The confirmed bullish trend of the stock market remains divided, with the Nasdaq setting new records and holding above 10,000. Meanwhile, Dow Jones industrials remain locked below the index’s 200-day moving average, around the 26,000 level. The S&P 500 is building a mattress above the 3,000 mark, as well as its 200-day lineup, and has in fact been set up in a fairly clean handle chart graph pattern.

So far, the Dow posted a 19.3% gain for the second quarter. That lags far behind the Nasdaq, but marks a good recovery after its worst recorded first quarter. Similarly, the S&P 500 has a 21.2% profit in the second quarter. The Nasdaq has turned into an impressive 31.6% streak, on its way to the second-best quarter in its history, second only to its 48.2% advance in the fourth quarter of 1999.

For a more detailed analysis of the current stock market and its status, study the big picture.

The message is that a table or a setback would not be a surprise at this stage and, in fact, much needed. Tuesday’s Big Picture market analysis noted that “growing investors should be prepared for the days ahead when leaders cool down, move sideways, reverse their highs and eventually create new foundations.”

Watch Breakout: Taiwan Semiconductor, VMware

The cloud-based VMware rose more than 5% on Wednesday, according to reports that Dell Technologies was considering options for its 81% stake in the company. That put VMware stock for an early breakout above a 157.10 buy point on a deep-handled cup base. The buying range would run at 164.96.

IBD 50 shares to see selection Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) was traded unchanged early Wednesday. The Heavy Chip Foundry, which handles the manufacturing needs of the most fabulous chipmakers like Nvidia and Advanced micro devices (AMD), ended 2% below a buy point of 58.14 on a mango cup base Tuesday.


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