Dow futures fall 325 points in Europe on financial coronavirus lockdown

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U.S. stock-index futures on Thursday marked the third day of weakness in equities as early as Thursday, following overnight losses in Asia and Europe as new sanctions were imposed to combat rising cases of coronavirus in many parts of the world. See full story.

This investment building says why Tesla, Amazon and Nvidia don’t have exorbitant prices

Tesla, Amazon and Nvidia stocks will not see excessive prices, according to a new analysis. See full story.

Strategists say Saga could quickly warn investors to choose future winning stocks wisely

Michael O’Rourke of Jones Trading says Our Day of the Day says there is no middle ground in this market at the moment and the Cloud-S software software group can quickly provide a cautionary tale for investors. See full story.

London joins the raft of European cities facing tough new sanctions as leaders fight another COVID-19 wave

Londoners from different homes will not be able to gather indoors, Germans will face more control over gatherings and night curfews are being imposed in nine French cities. See full story.

After the uproar, Twitter explains why the New York Post story on Hunter Biden was blocked

By sharing the New York Post article in tweets and direct messages, after hours of roaring outbursts from many, Twitter Inc. Explaining the logic late Wednesday, he said the issue is the images inside the article – not just the article itself. See full story.

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Prices for the iPhone 12 start at 699 to $ 1,099. See full story.