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ABC News has released more of them interview with Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, and Kamala Harris, the California senator who is now his VP-elect.

Biden is 77, but will be 78 on inauguration day if elected, comfortably the oldest president ever inaugurated, taking the record of one Donald J Trump. If Biden ran again in 2024, he would be 82 on Inauguration Day, and 86 at the transfer of power four years later. He has previously mentioned himself as a transition president while waiting, suggesting he can only serve one term if elected.

The current Oval Office official was of course 70 when he took office in 2017 and has raised tough questions about his own health and mental abilities. But that did not stop him from questioning his challenger on the same grounds.

Asked about such attacks on ABC, Biden said: “Look at me. Madam President, look at me. Look at both of us. Look at both of us, what we say, what we do, what we master, what we know, what kind of form we are in.

“I think it is a legitimate question to ask anyone over the age of 70 whether they are fit or not and whether they are ready. But I just, [the] only thing i can say to the american people, it’s a legitimate question to ask everyone. Look at me.

“We have spent almost no time building the bank in the Democratic Party,” Biden added. “… Sa [what] I want to do is make sure this is over, we have a new First Chamber, we won state houses back, we are in a position where we are moving to a period to bring people to the visibility they need are to be able to lead nationally. And that’s about raising people. And that’s what I’m about. ‘

The interviewer asked: “That you leave open the possibility that you will serve eight years if you are elected?

Biden replied: “Absolutely. ”