Donald Glover privately gave birth to a new son and named him after his late father.

The “Atlanta” star spoke to “I Destroy You” star Michelle Cole for GQ magazine and almost accidentally shared the news saying “you know, I had (one child) during the coronavirus.”

“I was in the hospital bed,” Glover said. “My son was just born, like an hour ago and I was watching the George Floyd video. It was such a weird moment.”

He described the experience as “almond” and proceeded to explain further.

“It was a very strange moment,” said the Emmy-winning actor. “It was such an intense, strange moment, because I watch that video and it’s as long as eight minutes, so you sit there and I had this wonderful, joyful, extended moment, plus my dad just passed away. , So (my son) was named after my father … I don’t even know if, really, this word is meant to describe him. He was just expanding: empathy and compassion and terror and his joy. “

She announced the death of her father, Donald Glover Sr., during a concert in December 2018, just like the ego childish Gambino who changed her rap.

Little Glover has two young sons, one of whom is named Legend, who wandered off during a conversation with Coyle.

The conversation turned to freezing cold eggs to keep the kids and Glover said he thinks this is something that is becoming more common.

“Because I really had the thing where I am, ‘maybe I should just take a vasectomy and just stabilize that asset,'” he said. “Because adopting kids, my family adopts kids … and we’re really talking about (that), because we have three boys so I am,” Oh, the girl there feels good together. “So I think it’s all the best options. But it’s difficult.”