Does the 2021 class have a shot of Nick Saban being the best?

For a tidal cycle that was different than any other in history – filled with zoom calls – Alabama completed the finish line with relatively little drama.

Its 2021 class had been No. 1 in the country for several months, and there was little discussion of changing it. By Wednesday evening, Alabama had signed all 22 recruits who had already committed in addition to reversing the two prospects committed to LSU.

“We didn’t have a lot of people who were vacuuming,” Sub said. “Most people have been committed to this for a long time. They were very happy and happy with the decisions they made so we had no problem. “

The category includes six five-star recruits, the highest in the nation and the highest for Alabama since 2001. Recruitment has signed three of the top eight prospects in the composite ranking of 247 sports, seven of the top 50 and 13 in the top 100.

The conditions that were largely addressed are the wide receiver and the offensive face, where Tide Jesse Latham and Tommy Brockermeier are locked in the top two in the country. Jojo Earl Flipping from LSU on Wednesday gave Alabama the top nine ranked recipients in the Alabama by 247 Sports – Earl Plus Agia Hall Hall, Christian Larry and Jacqueline Brooks.

Joining a group of new freshmen this season, including Javan Baker and Thai Johns-Bell, some of the youngsters yet to come on the receiver in preparation for the 2021 season will have an incredible talent.

This situation did not allow Jerry Judy and Henry Rugs to lose the NFL’s last off-season, and the figures for the loss of De Vanta Smith and Jalen Waddle in the coming months. When those four players went to school and S.E.C. While tearing up record books, it was more difficult for Alabama to reclaim the position with top talent.

“I think sometimes when you have four boys like us … everyone knows they’re on your roster, so it gets a little difficult,” Sabne said Wednesday. “And since the numbers on the receiver are probably a little thin, and knowing that two more men are likely to be lost this year, we thought it was really important for us to sign at least three huge receivers and we were happy. To get four.

“These people are different. I talked about the receiver, the position before – it’s kind of like a basketball team. You need a point guard, a shooting guard, a power forward, you need a variety of players to build effective racing corps and I think we have some big guys and we have some fast guys so I’m really happy with that group . ”

Alabama also added a fourth-ranked dual-decent quarterback to Jillian Miller, adding a level to a position where the focus will soon be on 2020 five-star Bryce Young. And he lured five-star Edge Rusher Dallas Turner to Tuscaloosa and joined a position associated with three five-star talents in the 2020 recruitment cycle – Will Enderson, Chris Braswell and Drew Sanders.

The tide plunged into both familiar and unfamiliar tidal areas, signing the state’s top prospect in Pinnacle Valley’s G’Quincy McKinstry, while Damon entered Michigan for the nation’s third-ranked protectionist action in Penn. That was Alabama’s first commitment to the state since Mark Ingram more than a decade ago.

“We initially identified the needs that were in this class,” Subne said. I think we’ve got some good players in each of those positions and we’re really happy that this group of players is part of our program and part of our team.

“So we’re excited about the future, we’re excited to help them develop personally, academically and athletically so they can have more success in life as they were involved in the program here.”

On paper, the class has the potential to be the best of soap in Alabama. The top spot of 2017 will be a challenge.

The 2017 top-ranked category of recruitment also included six five-stars, two of whom – Tua Tagoviloa and Judy – have already missed first-round NFL draft picks. Nazi Harris, Alex Leatherwood, Dillon Moses and LB Brain Ray will also play in the NFL soon.

However, the five stars are only scratching the surface of the 2017 class success. Four-star tackle Jeddick Wills became the 10th choice overall. The rugs were ranked 12th overall. Xavier McKinney was elected in the second round. Isaiah Bugs was the sixth-round pick in 2019.

And how about Smith and McJones being the finalists for the upcoming two Hazman Trophy? Both were also in the 2017 class, as well as outside linebacker Christopher Allen, who has come his own way this season.

At this point, the 2021 class rankings are just a number on a spreadsheet that will soon dwindle and guarantee nothing in the soap world.

But as long as there are days to sign, this was a great one for Alabama – with a chance to be great.

Mike Roddick is the Alabama Beat Reporter of Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter mikerodak.