Dodgers: Joe Kelly considered staying out of the 2020 season

Major League Baseball goes back to work after an agreement with the players’ association on the health guidelines, and we are all very happy about that. But a Dodgers player revealed that he was looking to stay out of the 2020 season, and that he might not be alone in that.

Since COVID-19 isn’t really under control, it’s easy to see why gamers with families might consider staying out. It’s also easy to understand why people at higher risk might also consider staying out. Joe Kelly discussed the possibility of staying out of the season, despite the Dodgers being a big favorite.

I’ve thought about it. My wife has joked about it, but I know she was serious. “Don’t even play games.” The only reason I would play is because of my teammates. I feel morally correct up to that point until someone on my team says, ‘Brother, I’m playing, just playing. You need to play Honor your contract. To play. We are trying to win. ‘ That’s the only thing that would stop me. Everything else would be fine with not playing.

The Dodgers reliever spoke about this on this week’s Bradfo Sho podcast, revealing that having his twins really took him one step back.

It would be nice to say: ‘I am not playing this year. I don’t risk it. You have twins. You have a 4 year old boy. Who knows what the coronavirus means in 50 years, what it will do to you. Nobody knows. So I could have easily said, ‘I am doing the right thing for my family.’ But then I would get a text message from DP (David Price) or Mookie (Betts) or any of my teammates, any of my fellow pitchers, any of my hitting partners and then I would feel bad. That’s [expletive] part about it. That was the only thing he probably couldn’t live with.

From now on, Joe Kelly is expected to appear at Dodgers spring training camp before July 1. But there are other kids on the team with young children or high-risk family members who might consider staying out. One guy that comes to mind is AJ Pollock.

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