Disneyland is expected to remain closed until 2021

Disneyland is expected to remain closed until 2021, according to the company’s fourth-quarter financial call. There was a lot of talk about how the closure of the theme park by CEO Bob Chapack and others created a barrier to business. In fact, the closure of this coronavirus epidemic cost Disney 6.9 billion. In particular, the company raised the issue with California’s stance on reopening the park. Chapek was clear that he had a sense of the company’s success in reopening Disney World in Florida, which meant that Sister Park should be allowed to succeed in the same opportunity. Despite his argument for security vigilance, Governor Gavin Newsom is unlikely to spoil his stance that the CA will allow the theme park to reopen this year.

“Unfortunately, we are very disappointed that the state of California continues to shut down Disneyland despite our proven track record. Our health and safety protocols are all science-based and support the representation of labor unions representing our hourly cast members, “said Chap Pack.” To be honest, as we and other civic leaders have said before, we believe that the state needs leadership. When dismissing small businesses from the local community, as opposed to setting arbitrary standards that prevent our cast members from returning to work – based on science – based on what we have successfully achieved at our parks around the world. “

However, CEOs were quick to point to improved morale around other worldwide openings indicating that their approach is getting stronger. World economics is at least encouraging to see all sites open in the face of such stagnant barriers since cases began to decline in some parts of the world earlier this year.

“On the parks side, we have proven over the months that strict enforcement provided by healthcare experts – we have successfully reopened our parks in Orlando, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong, we can manage our parks responsibly.” . “We also reopened Disneyland Paris for a few months, although the resort has been temporarily closed due to a recent lockdown order by President Macron in response to a resurgence in cove cases in Europe. People have shown willingness to visit our parks, which I believe is proof of the fact that we feel confident in the steps we have taken. And the positive news earlier this week about the progress of potential vaccines has given us a lot of encouragement.

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