Discovery of a rare, 2-headed snake by a Florida house cat

What are two brains, no legs and the best profile picture on Facebook? It will be this rare, two-headed racer Snake Recently discovered by a house cat in Palm Harbor, Florida.

About a month ago the cat’s family was rudely introduced to a supernatural snake while their cat, Olive, was criticizing on the floor of their living room, According to a Facebook post. The family was amazed to see that a small, shiny snake, attached to the same body, was able to move its eyes, throat, and tongue independently. The family named the snake “Dos” – Spanish for “two”.

“His biggest problem is eating,” cat owner Rogers said of the two-headed snake on Facebook. “We’re trying a lot of things, but he’s having trouble coordinating his two heads.”

Dose the two-headed snake (Photo credit: Jonathan May / FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute)