Different species of the virus, especially in children, through Italy

ROME (AP) – A type of coronavirus found in Britain is prevalent among infected schoolchildren in Italy and is helping to “strengthen” the country’s covid-contagion curve, the health minister said on Tuesday.

Roberto Spiranza told reporters that, associated with the transmission rate of transmission, people have shown prevalence in the “youngest age group” of the population.

In recent weeks, the emergence of new cases among young people in Italy has now taken a turn for the worse in older people, in contrast to how COVID-1 residents suffer in the first month of the epidemic.

Italy is a nation of one million people, with Covid erupting in the West on February 19, 2020, with nearly 3 million confirmed cases.

Sperranza announced the strict guidelines included in the new Italian premier Mario Draghi’s first anti-epidemic decree, specifically to try to “manage this contagious curve” in school-age children.

“There are strong signs of upheaval in the contagious and dangerous kind of turn,” said the minister, especially one found in Britain.

Silvio Brusafero, president of the government-run Superior Institute of Health, said that according to an analysis of cases conducted on February 18, 54% of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Italy included such. But Brucefero said, “If measured today, the exact percentage would be higher.”

The second type seen in Brazil now accounts for 3.3% of Italy’s most recent COVID-19 cases, Brusafero said, especially in central Italy, which includes the area of ​​Rome.

In recent days, authorities have carried out operations to seal off many cities and towns where transmission rates are rising rapidly. The mayor of Bologna, which has 400,000 residents, announced that, starting Thursday and until March 21, the city would be under strict “red zone” lockdown rules, meaning all rest restaurants, restaurants and cafes would be closed for dining. There are nonsensical shops.

Another complex is Como, a lake town near Switzerland. Many citizens of Como cross the border.

The variant found in South Africa is involved in the 0.4% covid-19 infection in Italy and is mainly confined to the Italian alpine region near the border with RiaStrea, Brusafero said.

The Draghi decree, which takes effect on Saturday and runs until April 6, will tighten measures to govern schools, just after Easter. It is mandatory that all schools, including nursery and primary students, in the “red zone” regions be shuttered. Some exceptions will be made for students with special needs.

But this decree breaks the restrictions in the world of culture. Beginning March 27, theaters and theaters may reopen in “yellow zones” regions with low incidence and virus transmission rates, but capacity must be limited to 25% at these locations. Museums in the yellow zone, open to the public on weekdays, may also open on weekends starting March 27.

The gym and pool are closed. There is a nationwide curfew from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and travel between Italian territories is banned.

Italy has the second highest death toll in Europe after Britain, at more than 1,000,000.