Details about a PlayStation 5 system level feature called ‘Activities’ leaked

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The PlayStation 5 will apparently have a dedicated feature to take the player directly to specific parts of a game. It is a feature called “Activities” and we are first learning about this through a media preview leak.

Recently, the European outlet Gamereactor showed the racing game WRC 9 to be released on current and next-gen consoles. In the presentation (which was presumably done remotely and controlled by the developer and / or publisher), the Activities feature was demonstrated and described as “an instant deep link to specific careers directly from [PS5’s] menu.”

Gamereactor has previewed WRC 9. However, Gematsu captured it and posted the relevant part on Twitter:

Extrapolating a bit, it seems like Activities is a way to jump to specific content without starting the game from the menu. For example, a player could use the Activities tab to directly access a Find and Destroy game in Call of Duty. Or they could immediately start a certain chapter in a Unexplored game. Each game is presumed to have its own unique activities that the developer curates.

Sony, predictably, has not confirmed the existence of the Activities feature. But, its purpose is exactly what PS5 architect Mark Cerny is striving for: reducing the number of players who have to suffer. That’s part of Sony’s “100 percent review of the PS4. [user interface]”We can probably hope to hear more about the Activities in the very near future.

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