Democrats Divide 15 Minimum Wages – Divided On How They Progress With Living US News

After five weeks in office, Biden has fallen short of his former boss, Barack Obama, in many areas, and is being pushed to do more to restore trust in the federal government after Trump’s tumultuous tenure at the White House.

Among the critics: Schedule for President and Vice President posted online not posted. The White House closed the comment line. There are no civic petitions on the White House website. The White House is committed to freeing visitors. But there are no plans to name the attendees of the virtual meetings, which are the main mode of interaction until the coronavirus epidemic subsides.

And while Biden has kept the American people informed, primarily by resuming daily White House press briefings, he has left to hold a news conference of his own.

“The steps they have taken are welcome, but they are inadequate for the moment and the need,” said Alex Howard, an open public prosecutor who directs the left-wing Digital Democracy project of the Demand Progress Educational Fund. “They need to keep ‘showing their work’ by opening cabinet meetings, disclosing information and using political capital to remain ‘open by default’, not just an option, but a duty of government.”