David Arquette thought his life was over. That He became a wrestler. Wer.

David Arquette is in his place. The horse makes the last few steps up the mountain, until magical hour strikes with just the right note of confusion.

Centered in her natural light is the actor, slouched over the saddle. A layer of the floor-length magician’s cloak hangs from him, draping open to open the star’s shirtless belly, a light punch folding onto the saddle.

‘I’m sick of being a joke, being honest with you,’ he says, pulling a vape pen to his lips and inhaling as he looks at the sight. ‘If you’re part of the joke, it’s not as painful as you are the joke. Hollywood does not take me seriously. The kind of media thinks I’m a bit of a joke. Many of these people have not seen what I can do in a ring. ”

It does not take long to learn that the combination between clown and therapist is the exact space in which David Arquette lives. Or that the statements he makes about wrestling, as in the television scuffle pageant that Donald Trump counts among her interlocutors with celebrities, are as sincere as they come.

Twenty years ago, Arquette infiltrated the world of professional wrestling to promote his film Ready to rumble. Producers and the organization determined that he would win the belt and become world champion wrestler. It was such a disaster that even his then-wife, Friends star Courteney Cox, published her embarrassment publicly. To this day, fans still consider it one of the worst moments in wrestling history.

You can not kill David Arquette, a new documentary from Friday about his titular (still alive) star, centered on redemption. It’s the apology tour of bootstraps of a lifelong wrestling fan who wants to prove that, if not back then at least now, he deserves a place in the ring. More broadly, the 48-year-old also deserves a happy, healthy life after suffering a heart attack and placing two stents.

With his wife, Christina McLarty Arquette, by his side; his ex-wife in his corner; his famous sisters, Oscar winner Patricia and #MeToo fighter Rosanna in the bleachers; and his three children cheer him on, it’s also time to prove that, whatever Hollywood has decided about him and his career, he’s taking control of his own story.

He’s a goofy man, but he’s serious about it. He will become a wrestler. Wer.

That grin, crawling across his face like a robbery until it explodes into a butterfly, starts to creep up when I ask Arquette about that horse scene.