Dame Senate candidate Mark Kelly has apologized about cops for obscene tweets from employees.

Democratic Senate nominee Mark Kelly on Thursday called Chicago officials “useless pigs” for employees’ tweets, in a statement to his Republican rival, Sen. Martha Malley Kasley, an astronaut, was arrested as evidence of anti-police bias in the mission.

TJ L’Hurex’s Twitter post was posted in August Gust in response to a video showing Chicago police seizing open umbrellas from protesters during the violent clash, who was taken as deputy press secretary. A city official later said the protesters used umbrellas .ال From the scene of their actions throwing stones at the police with stagnant water bottles, rocks and pipes.

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“As the son of two police officers, Mark deeply respects those who serve in uniform to protect our communities,” a Kelly spokeswoman said in a statement to Fox News. Our campaign emphasizes the public service, bravery and sacrifice of our entire police officers. Nation. A tweet posted by a junior staff member is unacceptable and we are taking appropriate action. ”

El Hurrix, a 2019 graduate of the University of Chicago, previously served as a press assistant to former 2020 presidential candidate Pete Battingig. The post was removed from his account on Thursday morning, which was then taken privately.

“I am very sorry for my comment and I apologize for what I wrote – I was wrong,” L’Hurex said in a statement to Fox News. “My comment does not reflect who I am or what I believe in, and most importantly, it is not representative of what this campaign is. The language I have used and the spirit I have expressed is not in our political process, which is why I The tweet has been deleted. ”

Democratic Challenger Mark Kelly, left, in Phoenix, Ari Ridge, in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, right, U.S.  Sen.  Martha arrived to discuss the debate Kasli, R-z Riz.  AP, Republic by Pool)

Democratic Challenger Mark Kelly, left, in Phoenix, Ari Ridge, in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, right, U.S. Sen. Martha arrived to discuss the debate Kasli, R-z Riz. AP, Republic by Pool)

Kelly came out immediately after apologizing for the campaign when her opponents cited a report on a tweet in Washington Washington Free Beacon accusing them of failing to support police officers engaged in dangerous work to keep their communities safe. It is claimed that the deaths of black people in the custody of White police officers have had a huge impact after the summer protests, some of which have turned violent.

President Trump, who has always supported McCasley, began calling himself a “law and order” candidate during the demonstrations, accusing Democrats of promoting injustice and failing to protect big cities.

Republican lawmakers have also cited the protests, telling voters that maintaining the GOP’s Senate majority is the only way to examine the progressive liberal agenda if Democratic nominee Biden defeats Trump and takes over the White House.

“Mark Kelly wrote this tweet a week before appointing this man to his campaign team,” the Maxley for Senate campaign wrote in a statement. “Mark continues to expand on the most heinous, anti-law enforcement ideas and rhetoric that put our brave men and women in uniform in disrespect and danger.”

Democrats are hoping that those who unsettle Maxley, who has been ousted by the government as Democrat Sen. Appointed after losing in a previous campaign against Kirsten Cinema, he will help regain control of the Senate.

While Kelly has said he opposes defaming law enforcement agencies, as some successive ives sought in response to concerns about police brutality, L’Hirex’s tweet could complicate his position.

“Mark’s acceptance of highly anti-law enforcement ideas and rhetoric is just further evidence,” Caroline Andreg, director of communications at St. Thomas, told Fox News. “Anything that tries to say the opposite is a bunch of hot air.”

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J. Cl Clere, executive director of the Arizona Police Association, called El Hurex’s statement “blatantly disgusting.”

“It’s unfortunate this is not the first time I’ve seen this from Democratic campaign workers,” he told the Washington Free Beacon. “I hope that [Kelly] Fire [the staffer] Immediately to show that the police do not support this kind of attitude that the police are ‘useless.’