Dallas season vs. some dubious decisions. NYG then expires

The last meaningful throw in the cold and the rain at MetLife Stadium finally ended the season for the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

Dallas was playing for a post-season spot, a position he didn’t deserve but deserved because of how weak the NFC East has been in 2020.

Quarterback Andy Dalton, playing with a gloved covered left-hander, was trying to avoid a sack at the end of the fourth quarter against the Giants. But Dalton’s pass, on the third and goal of the Giants 17, was blocked by Xavier McKinney in the end zone.

And with that, the thin play hopes for the Cowboys ended with a 23-19 defeat to the Giants. Now the season is over. The Cowboys will worry about the NFL Draft, rather than a potential home playoff game. It had a poor start and a wreck finish by the Cowboys on Sunday. The Giants will now wait for the clash between Washington and Philadelphia on Sunday night to decide whether they will reach the postseason.

Here are five cowboy-giants takeovers:

No challenge by McCarthy

You can go back and watch many of the plays in the NFL game and think it decides. But in the fourth and third half of the fourth quarter Dente Pattis set up a 50-yard field goal by giants kicker Graham Gano at the 10-yard reception.

The question is whether Pattis made the diving catch? It appears Pattis was trapped by the ball, but the referees ruled him on a catch on the field. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy did not challenge the play. He kept looking at the video replay board and just missed the opportunity. This was the situation in which he should gamble during the gambling season, especially on fake pants, by M Cakarti.

Gano: 27: ૨ left field goal with the rest, forcing the Cowboys to touchdown on their final drive. McCarthy’s inaction hurt his team.

The fog that was … or wasn’t it?

As the Giants started the clock, running back Litter Gelman Jr. was freed from linebacker Jelon Smith for the benefit of the run. But Gallum rolled the ball in the wet weather and a wild scene happened. Bodies were everywhere and it was Gallam’s verdict that they were horrified. Or did he?

The replay showed him sitting on the green ball. The second replay showed the ball in his hand as he lay on the ground. The Cowboys swore they got the ball back, and the referees at different points occupied both sides before making the decision before it was finally New York’s.

Looks like the Raffs got this one right. Did they

Callen Moore remains

On Saturday night, the Cowboys signed outrageous coordinator Callen Moore for a three-year contract extension. After previously weakened by his offense, there were questions about why Dallas would do so. But Moore, who was in charge of the game in the Cowboys offense, dismissed himself in the second half.

Cowboys’ front office fees, including those of coach Mike McCarthy, are another example of how much they value him. The future looks good with Moore if some offensive pieces – Dak Prescott, Lyle Collins, Blake Jarvin and Tyrone Smith – could return from injuries in 2021.

“I think there’s just a chance for clear continuity, consistency and really growing and that’s all the way,” McCarthy said on 105.3 Fan [KRLD-FM] Before the game.

“Grow with him as a play-killer and develop this crime system by keeping us together and get all our players back healthy and stop what we are doing for the next few weeks here this season. We can get off to a good start and we have a real foundation for crime and we just want to keep building. “


In the last four games, the Cowboys defense converted 12 takeovers to 57 points. Donovan Wilson was an obstacle and Chidobuz Zui made a fuss in Sunday’s game.

It’s amazing how differently this team played when it pushed turnover. One of the biggest things the Cowboys are worried about is drafting or signing players into free agency is making sure they have playmakers. Does the cowboy have some defense now? It’s clear Wilson – he had a pick and a sack Sunday – and Rookie Corner Trevon Diggs, who has three picks this season, has played well. Going forward, worrying about creating turnover is something that shouldn’t be a concern.

The first part to forget

In the first part, the Cowboys behaved as if they had nothing to play with. They went 1-7 on the third downs. Ezekiel Elliott ran for 27 yards and left the game with a clear leg injury. Andy Dalton was knocked out three times and he played as if he was still on the sad Bengals.

And, yes, the Cowboys hit five penalties for 48 yards, including a bad Jordan Lewis on a cornbuck who hit a tight end to the Giants in the back of the game and the Cowboys made a wrong start on defender Conn McGowar as he tried to spike the ball. Before halftime. Linebacker Jelon Smith was flagged for holding while violating a pass play and immediately started celebrating, thinking he wasn’t penalized.

At break time Dallas trailed 20-9.


The Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is pictured on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Washington Football team at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

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