‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah exposes the racist ‘Tucker Carlson’ ‘planned vacation’ excuse

The daily show Host Trevor Noah checked in Tuesday with Tucker Carlson, “mom’s haircut model and primetime Fox News star.”

The night before, Carlson finally addressed the controversy surrounding his show’s lead writer, Blake Neff, who was fired by Fox for a history of racist, misogynistic, and homophobic online posts. “So Fox News got rid of the guy,” said Noah, “but it seems like Tucker Carlson might have mixed feelings about how it all happened.”

After telling viewers that he does not “endorse” Neff’s comments, Carlson said: “We should also point to the ghouls who are now pounding on their chests in triumph over the destruction of a young man. Then he announced that he would spend the rest of the week on a “long-planned” fishing trip.

“Okay, first of all, I love how every time Tucker Carlson gets into trouble he takes a ‘planned vacation’ in the middle of the week,” Noah said, joking that he must think, “the trout never expects you to show up on Tuesday. ” . ”

Carlson has not only announced sudden vacations amid controversy in the past, but the man who occupied his Fox News schedule before him, Bill O’Reilly, told viewers he was going on a two-week trip that he had booked “the last fall” in the midst of his own sexual misconduct scandal, and then never returned.