Cynthia Bailey gives an update on where she and her husband, Mike Hill, will live permanently after their marriage.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are finally husband and wife. This RHO The star and sports broadcaster tied the knot between the coronaviruses, not letting the global epidemic come in the direction of formalizing their love.

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey
Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey | Annette Brown / Bravo

Despite the broom jump, the two maintain separate homes in different states. Bailey recently gave an update where she hopes she and Hill will live forever now that their marriage is over.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have been in a long-distance relationship

Bailey and Hill met during a dating experiment Steve Harvey Show And since then he has been in love. After 14 months of dating, Hill proposed to Bailey during the opening of her wine cellar and event space in the summer of 2019. Previously, Bailey was open about how much she would love to marry Hill.

The couple got married on October 10 in a grand Georgia ceremony in front of 250 guests. The wedding was not filmed RHO.

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Despite their long relationship and now husband and wife, the couple has lived in separate states since the beginning of their romance. Bailey lives in Georgia, while Hill lives and works in Lama. The two see each other at least every two weeks.

Bailey is bequeathed to Hill and his adult daughters from previous relationships during the coronavirus closure and jokes that his escape from the COVID-19 quarantine is a testament to his love. Bailey’s daughter, Noel, also lived with Hill, while Bailey lived primarily in the same place for about a year before moving to her own place.

Cynthia Bailey has been adamant about staying in LA but now says she wants Mike Hill full time in Atlanta

Bailey had previously admitted that she and Hill did not mind moving to LA full-time when she and Hill were married, especially since her daughter also lives on the West Coast. She also said she would be open to joining the cast RHOBH If the opportunity arises.

“Beverly Hills, I’m not against it. The reality is, I live in Atlanta and I live in LA. If we are going to show my truth as a reality star, I am also friends with many women in Beverly Hills, ‘he said during an interview with Hip Hollywood. “I can stay open to show both parts of my life, my livelihood and my Atlanta life so that Bravo and Truly can find it original.”

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Still, Bailey says being bilateral is not an issue. Now that she and Hill are married, she is changing her tune, telling The New York Daily News (according to Bravo). Daily dish Podcast), “I really work hard on the mic,” he says. “I don’t think he’d want to go back to LA for too long without me.”

Hill said he is open to moving to Georgia because most of his family lives near Bailey. He also has other work jigs in the Atlanta area.

Hill and Bailey both say they will be able to keep their own homes and move to a shared space together.