Cyberpunk 2077 was removed from the PS store in 100 days, and secrets still remain

Today marks the 100th day since Cyberpunk 2077 was removed from the PlayStation Store after its outrageous launch – and plans to direct the game to sell on PS4 and PS5 have been as sluggish as when it was first announced, Project Red with both Sony and CD Especially silence on this issue. As a quick refresher, Cyberpunk 2077 started with huge performance issues, especially on the last-gen console, and then Sony announced its decision to remove Cyberpunk 2077 from sale on the PlayStation console on December 17, 2020.

In an initial statement, Sony offered a refund for the game and added, “[Sony Interactive Entertainment] Cyberpunk 2077 will also be removed from the PlayStation Store until further notice. “This means there was an indication that the decision was Sony’s, but a subsequent CD Project Red statement said the decision was made through a” discussion “with Sony about the refund. It was never heard who decided to remove the game from sale. .No specific reasoning was given for the game’s removal (for reference, it was never removed on the Xbox, but the refund was extended), although speculation suggests the decision allowed it to work around some of Sony’s restricted refund policies. . Whatever the underlying reason, getting rid of it was a completely unprecedented move for a high profile game like Cyberpunk, and brought with it many other questions, most of which remain unanswered even after three months.

The key to those questions is, “When will it return to sales, and what will it take to make it happen?” Neither Sony nor the CD project have discussed the exact answers to those questions since December, with a closer look at the CDPR statement: “We’re trying to get Cyberpunk 2077 back to the PlayStation Store as soon as possible.”

IGA approached both Sony and CD Project Red before the milestone date to ask about plans to take control of the game, and despite many requests, no response was received from either.In terms of links, the previously mentioned roadmap of CD Project Red for updates on the game is the best way for us to move forward. When he apologized for the status of the first launch version, the CD project set a timeline, including two main patches, which were taken together “which should solve a very important problem for gamers on the final race console.” The second of those patches, version 1.2 was later delayed after Cyberettech at the studio, but we’ve heard about its changes recently, meaning it’s probably close. It is possible that, if the last-gen versions were supposed to be scratched, the game could be returned to the PlayStation after the patch arrives.

However, it could also be that Sony would prefer to relist on the PS5 as well until it updates the game. The next-version of the game – bringing it closer to PC release – is planned for the second half of 2021, with a free upgrade to those who bought the game on Last-Gene. It is possible that Sony (or CD Project Red) will want to remove the game once it is in its final form.

Speculation about it is quite surprising. That CD project will remain silent about when players can buy its marquee game again on Red, the world’s largest gaming platform, and Sony didn’t want to tell customers to return to its storefront when it sells more than 13 million copies, despite a controversy. Clearly, strange. The development and release of cyberpunk, of course, has already been an unexpected journey, but the lack of details in this chapter of that story is also unusual among the rest. Whether he speaks of corporate madness, disputes between the two parties, or other issues that have not been made public is impossible to predict.

That silence makes it difficult to predict where we will go from here – we may see the game return to sales tomorrow, or we may see it still 100 days away. There has never been a case like this in gaming before – here’s hoping the lesson is enough to stop it from happening again.

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