Cuomo: ‘seriously considering quarantine’ for visitors from other states

Governor of New York Andrew CuomoCommissioner Andrew CuomoNYPD: Officers Addressing Protesters Did Not Violate Use of Force Policy Cuomo calls his office for nursing home deaths a ‘political charade’ Fox News, CBS morning presenters return to MORE broadcast studios (D) said he is “seriously considering” implementing a quarantine for state visitors to New York as the number of cases in the Empire State decreases, while cases elsewhere are increasing.

“You have about half of the states in this country where you see the virus going up, in New York we have the virus going down,” Cuomo said on NBC “Today” Tuesday.

“I have people who call me all day, they worry where they are, they want to come to New York,” he added. “And that’s great, but we don’t want them to bring the virus here, so we’re seriously considering quarantine just to make sure that people coming from states with higher infections don’t inadvertently increase our infection rate.”

Last week, Cuomo raised the idea of ​​implementing a 14-day self-quarantine for travelers visiting from Florida, where cases are on the rise.

Almost half of the states in the US The US, primarily in the South, has reported recent spikes in coronavirus cases as states begin to lift the restrictions in place to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Cuomo defended New York’s gradual reopening plan, which was slower than the plans that many other states implemented.

“We went through what the other states are going through, and we had a science-based reopening. We did it on the facts, we controlled it, we moderated it and that is what works, “said Cuomo. “States that reopened with abandon now have huge infection rates.”

He also dismissed concerns that he was too slow to reopen.

Some parts of New York have opened businesses before, but New York City, once the epicenter of the crisis, has just entered its second phase of reopening this week. The step allows some companies to reopen at limited capacity.

“Look at the facts, look around the country, everything says that we did it well and we did it intelligently. Look, nobody wanted to close, no business person wanted to close, no employee wanted to stay home, but there was no other alternative, “said Cuomo.

“And those states that had this ‘OK, let’s do whatever we want and reopen immediately,’ have serious problems now,” he added.

The number of new cases nationwide rose above 30,000 per day over the weekend after it stabilized at around 20,000 per day for weeks.

The increase is due to worsening outbreaks across the South and Southwest.

In some cases, officials are seeking to curb reopening plans. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) said Monday that he is delaying the state’s next reopening phase for at least four weeks as the state’s number of cases continued to rise, reaching more than 50,000 cases in total. .