Cubs-Marlins game two officially postponed to tomorrow

Danger of bad weather all day today, combined – I guess with the choice of not having to sit with players and staff for six, eight, ten hours or whatever, that’s not going to be today’s Cubs-Marlins game. Today.

I’m Gobsmack, but it’s a report (See update below for confirmation and more information):

I expect to get more information soon, but radar and forecasting will take into account everything:

If the game is really postponed, it is possible that they will tie it up tomorrow, and then play a decisive game on Saturday if necessary (no other games are scheduled this weekend). I don’t think we’ll see a playoff doubleheader tomorrow.

Update: It’s official. Wow. There is no game today. This one has been pushed to CT tomorrow at 1pm, and then Game Three, if necessary, is on Saturday with TBA, From Jesse Rogers. Note that if the Cubs-Marlins only have a game left on schedule tomorrow, it will be Whistle instead at 6 p.m. Either way, the game will be on ABC.

At best I can understand, MLB was too quick to pull the trigger on this as there is so much flexibility in the schedule between this wild card series and NLDS. It is very easy to avoid the risk of delaying rain today by pushing tomorrow.

What this means for the chicks, you can only hope that U. Darwish’s routine wouldn’t be so bad (if those chicks got there they would be in line to take two NLDS games, so don’t worry). At least for now, though, he won’t pitch a few innings, sit down for a rain delay, and then probably won’t be able to come back (or struggle because of it).

Marling has got another day to try to relax and play Starling Martin with his fractured pinky (he was going out today).