Critical role return date and new format officially announced

The world’s most popular Dungeons & Dragons series, Critical Role, will finally resume with a few modifications after a parenthesis.

Performed by a variety of proudly nerdy voice actors and directed by Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer, the latest episode of the second Critical Role campaign, episode 99: High Stakes, High Seas, aired on March 16, 2020. Now it will officially return , with numerous safety precautions.

As creative director Marisha Ray explained in an update video, Critical Role will return for episode 100 of her second campaign on July 2. With the advice of CDC, WHO and various entertainment unions, the production team has created a new “social distancing package” that ensures maximum cast and crew safety.

The new set will feature everything from individual tables for cast members, split between seven and up to 21 feet apart, a skeleton team, and weekly to biweekly tests for all available staff, according to the recording schedule. Furthermore, the critical role will now pre-record its content and monitor conditions with the possibility of suspending production again if things are deemed unsatisfactory or if local governance demands changes.

After months of inactivity, fans of the popular series will be delighted to learn that their favorite gang, the Mighty Nein, is returning to the sea, where her ship was last seen by a … dragon turtle.

Critical Role combines entertainment with the fantasy adventure of the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons. While the game has been around since 1974, the series has been around since 2015, existing on podcast platforms, YouTube, and streamed live on Twitch before becoming a variety of accompanying media like books and comics.

The series has also played a major role in charity fundraising. While offering a ton of merchandise to her enthusiastic fans, including personalized jars and a collection with Hot Topic, the cast of the show constantly engages in social work, both using its platforms for advocacy and channeling all show donations to charities .

It’s an obvious cultural sensation, not just for its entertainment value but for the warmth of its community. The cast cares not only about killing the bad guys in a fantasy world, but also about their fans and helping in the real world.

Episode 100 will air on Thursday, July 2. The team is excited, the fans are excited, but Ray summed it up best: “This game is such an important part of our hearts and souls … We have missed you, we love you and … is it Thursday yet?”