Creation of the New York Post’s suspicious Hunter Biden story

The story of the post claims that Hunter Biden, in April 2015, helped arrange a meeting between B Biden and an executive at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The series of stories includes hacked content and personal email addresses, so Twitter (TWTR) Initially prevented people from posting links to the article, sending it via direct message and retweeting it.

“We’re not talking about completely reliable sources here,” CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter noted on “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, citing a New York Post story.

Yet the story behind the story is a familiar one: The Post said the story was suggested by Steve Bennon, a former employee of the Trump administration and former head of Bretbart. Former New York Mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani provided a hard drive with emails, according to the post. (Giulini has openly coordinated with a well-known Russian agent to promote ambiguity about Bidens by accident.) A former producer of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show co-wrote some of the stories for the post. Giuli then went to Fox News to discuss the story and President Donald Trump has been tweeting and discussing it for several days.

CNN is unable to authenticate the emails and the New York Post declined to comment.

“This is an excellent example of a right-wing media machine,” Stalter said. “Fox and Trump have one thing in common: they want you to go crazy and be musical.”

The story is a “manufactured scam,” meant to feed “whattuboutism” – an opportunity for the right-wing media to shift the conversation from Trump’s record to Biden’s.

“The strategy is to divert attention, attack the adversary, and the same propaganda pipeline is there,” Harvard Law School professor Yochai Bankler told Stalter on “Reliable Sources” on Sunday.

Bankler noted that when Hillary Clinton’s emails and the FBI’s handling of classified information that ultimately did not recommend a fee, and the Clinton Foundation became the talk point of right-wing media, serious journalists dug up her emails.

“I think, this time, in contrast to what we saw with Clinton, where serious journalists fell for the trivial brawl of the Clinton Foundation produced by Bennon, where serious journalists dig into e-mails, and show gallups, only then what people thought. About what they thought of Clinton as e-mails and the foundation, “Banclair said.

With election day approaching, the right-wing media is again trying for the same strategy.
But unlike previous “closed argument” stories, the media world has largely ignored the Post’s Hunter Biden story.

“They’re so confident that the story is so much fun for serious journalists not to like,” Bankler said. “They’re trying to build it now, but right now the media – the main commercial media – doesn’t seem to be declining for it.”

This may be because the details of the story have been denied by some credible former Biden staff and the Biden campaign, and US authorities are investigating whether the emails are part of an ongoing Russian disintegration effort.

The source of the story isn’t really weird: a laptop repairman in Delaware claims that a man claiming to be Hunter Biden copied the emails from what Hunter Biden’s laptop said after he brought it to the store in April 2019.

The repairer has often contradicted himself in interviews: The Post reported that the repairman “cannot positively identify the customer as Hunter Biden,” and said that someone claiming to be a Biden brought him inside.

Stalter called the post’s story “political entertainment”, written by a newspaper run by Rupert Murdoch and promoted by another Murdoch estate: Fox News, which Stalter calls “the creator of this serialized drama.”

An Apple publisher, Atlantic’s staff author and author of “Twilight Dem for Democracy: The Seductive Lure Author of Author Thoughtinism,” noted that if Biden’s legacy in Ukraine is to promote democracy, the rule of law and a better legal system, he said. “There it is.”

Hunter Biden has admitted in the past to a weak decision about his relationship with Burisma.

Conservative media may have another reason to push the Hunter Biden story forward, notes Noah Shaktman, editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast, and has little to do with Trump’s winning election.

Last week, the Daily Beast reported that Murdoch was predicting a landslide victory for Biden. So, if they think Trump’s election prospects are disastrous, why run Biden Story?

“They’ve been in a position for the next few years where they can have strong resistance to Biden.” Said Shaktman.