Crack trailer: Ravi Teja stole Thunder

After much anticipation, the makers of the upcoming film Crack released its theatrical trailer on New Year’s Eve. Starring Ravi Teja as Pothiraju Veera Shankar, a strict police officer, Gopichand Maline’s film promises to be an entertainer giving plenty of whistle-loud moments to keep Ravi Teja’s fans excited.

The film is to be sung by Ravi Teja Samuharkhani, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and P Ravi Shankar with similar short characters. Venkatesh initially gives the protagonist an understanding of how badly these three people hit him.

“Ongole Nadi Rodu Mida Nagnamga Nilabetti Navrandralo Sesam Post Na Na Kodaka,” Ravi Teja was battling the main opponent Samudrakhani. The trailer has some other powerful dialogues narrated by Ravi Teja.

The romance part is also covered in the trailer and Shruti Haasan is looking gorgeous and in the songs she seems to have given omf. However, Ravi Teja has stolen the roar from his stunning show.

The trailer promises that the film is made to high technical standards. It can be sound design or cinematography or editing, all the technical aspects take the storytelling to the next level. The dialogues are well written by Sai Madhav Bura.

Looks like Ravi Teja, Gopichand Malineni and Tagore are the potential winners in the hands of Madhu, everyone who has seen the trailer will look forward to seeing Ravi Teja in action.

Crack is coming as a special attraction for Sankranti.

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