COVID-19 statistics | March 2, 2021 | Lost Coast Outpost

Press Release from Humboldt County Joint Information Center:

A total of 3,219 Humboldt County residents tested positive for COVID-19 after nine new cases were reported today.

Humboldt County allows public health vaccine supplies so COVID-19 continues to increase the size of vaccination clinics. To prepare for the expected growth in vaccine allocation and to help plan for future mass-vaccination efforts, 1,000 county residents were vaccinated by public health last week in a single clinic in about eight hours. This week, public health and local health care partners are expected to deliver 2,300 doses to their patients in five large-scale clinics in addition to doses administered directly by locally recognized vaccinators.

The California Department of Public Health reported today that Humboldt County has gathered within a week of the matrix to move to a more restricted level under the state’s “blueprint for safer economy,” with a positivity rate of. There is an adjusted case rate. 100,000 inhabitants. That means if local virus data doesn’t improve, the county could be handed over to “purple” or widepride tires early next week. Health officials urged residents to limit the spread of COVID-19 by acknowledging preventive measures, adding that the measures support keeping industries open and protecting the health of the community.

For the latest COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or by contacting [email protected] during business hours or by calling 707-441-5000.

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= historic historical information. All data from the Humboldt County Joint Information Center.

CalREDIE data. Unlisted pin codes have experienced five or fewer cases. Pin code population from the American Community Survey, 2018.