COVID-19 Live updates: 16 COVID cases linked to ‘big’ marriage in Borough Park, Florida over 10,000 dead

NEW YORK (WABC) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday announced a recent uptick in COVID cases in one Brooklyn neighborhood, with 16 cases of coronavirus linked to a large wedding in Borough Park.

“We always want to act out of an abundance of caution,” Blasio said. “We’ve seen this with Sunset Park. We take the same approach in Borough Park.”

The city on Monday set up a rapid point of concern test site at the Brooklyn Army Terminal in nearby Sunset Park and is targeting residents of Borough Park there.

In addition, there are existing test sites in Borough Park: NYC Health + Hospitals 4002 Fort Hamilton, Chai Urgent Care – Boro Park, Kamin Health – Boro Park Urgent Care and ParCare Community-Borough Park.

The Blasio also reported a new low in the percentage of residents who tested positive – 0.24%. It is the lowest since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in New York City.

Meanwhile, the state of New York registered it on the twelfth straight day with the percentage of positive tests below 1%.

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Here are more of today’s headlines:

‘Hundreds’ of FDNY EMS workers could face layoffs, ABC News reports
As New York City continues to recover from the full impact that COVID-19 had on the city, the Blasio administration is considering recruiting “hundreds” of employees of FDNY Emergency Medical Services, a source familiar with the possibility told ABC News.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has warned that 22,000 city workers could be laid off due to a projected $ 9 billion shortage of absent federal aid as adjusted loan limits.

Manhattan restaurant sues to reset liquor rights
A Manhattan restaurant is suing to get its liquor license revoked after it was discontinued because of the restaurant that allegedly came into existence with social distancing demands due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cloister Café has filed a lawsuit against the Liquor Authority of New York, claiming that the SLA posted the suspension based on a video posted on Instagram instead of first-hand accounts, thereby violating the resulting process.

Long Island day camp enters 7th straight week of no COVID-19 cases
There was a lot to sing and dance about at a day camp on Long Island, which marked its seventh straight week of operations, without a camper as staff having COVID-19. Crestwood Country Day Camp in Melville had many safety protocols mixed with a lot of good luck.

Inside food markets struggle with lack of dining outside

Most New York City restaurants do their best to survive on dinner, take out and deliver, but for restaurants based in food markets like Chelsea Market, they have their own set of challenges to overcome.

The death toll from coronavirus in Florida crosses 10,000
The Florida Department of Health recorded an additional 174 coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the statewide total to 10,067. Florida has become one of the least affected areas in the United States in recent weeks, with COVID-19 infections occurring there. The Sunshine State has the fifth highest death toll in the nation.

Iran’s death toll is 20,000
Iran has the deadliest death toll for any country in the Middle East to date in the pandemic. The announcement came as the Islamic Republic, which has struggled with both the region’s largest outbreak and the highest number of deaths, went ahead with entrance exams for universities for more than 1 million students. Iran is also preparing for preparations for massive Shiite talks later this month. Iran has suffered its first major outbreak of the region as top politicians, health officials and religious leaders in the Shiite theocracy contracted the virus. Since then, he has struggled to contain the spread of the virus across this nation of 80 million people, and hit it back first to see it run again in early June.

Concerns over reopening of schools during flu season
Gov. Cuomo said opening schools is “risky and problematic” because the start of the school year coincides with the start of the flu season. He said the flu and COVID-19 will stress the state’s test capacity. “You are putting the flu season on top of COVID, this is a very difficult situation to handle, and that will be the second wave,” Cuomo said. “Schools do temperature checks along the way and they look for symptomatic children. First, they do not have to be symptomatic; they can be asymptomatic. And second, you are in flu season – who does not have sniffles like a cough?” He said the state was sending a letter to each health department of the province to ask how they plan to perform COVID-19 tests and flu tests at the same time, as labs have deployed almost all of its testing capacity to COVID-19 tests. “Now how do you do the flu test and the COVID tests at the same time,” Cuomo asked her. “We have deployed almost all of our lab capacity to perform COVID tests … It will require a reduction in the number of COVID tests as well as a reduction in the turnaround time on COVID tests. And we already have problems in the turnaround time on the number of COVID tests. “

NY schools need to learn from colleges when recruiting, Cuomo says
Gout Cuomo said schools planning to resume personal learning should take a closer look at colleagues who have had to return to further education, due to “failure of testing and contact detection operations.” He says it stresses the importance of plans for testing and tracking local school districts. Cuomo said an outbreak of 130 students at a college would translate to 500 people if it was in a public school, because the students would spread the virus to family members. “I want the schools to take this situation into account and answer the question, would this have happened to your schools? Could you have caught the spread before it got 130 pupils,” he said. “And if you can not answer yes, you have a problem.”


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