Coronavirus pandemic causing new skin issue: ‘Mask-Ne’ aka Mask Acne | Glam Lab


LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens – As if living through a global pandemic wasn’t hard enough … enter a brand new skin issue. It’s called Mask-Ne (Mask Acne).

Between the stress combined with covering our faces, the skin, particularly around our nose and mouth, has become a bacterial breakout goldmine.

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The good news? Just a few small tweaks to your skincare routine can make a big difference.

After receiving quite a few e-mails about these new breakouts, the team at Face Haus quickly put together a list of helpful products and ingredients.

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We also spoke with New York City Dermatologist, Dr. Amy Spizouco, who weighed in on the causes and simple tips to keep your skin clean and clear.

Check out this episode of Glam Lab for a step-by-step guide to clear up your mask-ne!

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