Coronavirus outbreak in Waldo County Church

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has received a coronavirus outbreak at Walldo County Church, possibly in association with a ‘fellowship rally’. Held between 2nd Oct and 4th October.

There are at least 17 cases of covid-19 among its priests at Brooks Pentecostal Church in Brix, Maine, the health agency said Saturday night.

Contact tracing is ongoing, and Maine has asked the CDC to cooperate with potential contacts of infected people.

The agency said in a news release on Saturday that “close contacts can help limit the possible spread of the virus that causes Covid-1 causes by answering calls, providing complete information, and quarantining.”

The CDC advises anyone who has spent time in a church or affiliated school since October 2 to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, and body aches, among others. .

Those who took part in the fellowship rally, which is being held between October 2 and October 4, could be infected with the virus and caution should be exercised, the CDC said.

The church reported some of the newly reported cases on Saturday, but the agency did not say. Some people from Brooks Pentecostal may also be included in the CDC’s statewide case count on Sunday.

The church’s website and social media pages did not display information about the outbreak on Sunday morning. A video of the services posted on Facebook suggests that the church has been conducting individual worship since at least September, when in one video, congressional people gathered nearby in masks, without masks.

Oct. The video posted on 4 shows similarly closed, masculine gatherings.