Coronavirus outbreak in U.S. warfare as new cases are reported in states

Downfall Corona virus There has been a boom. Seventeen U.S. states are now experiencing a boom in contrast to what they have experienced in the epidemic, and no state in the country has seen a steady decline.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there are 8 million cases of COVID-19 in the country. U.S. The number of new infections in the state reached nearly 1,000,000 on Wednesday, a one-day high not seen since the summer.

Hotspots have been raging in the Midwest, with small, rural hospitals battling to catch up.

Dr. Dr. of the Emergency Room in Hammond, Indiana, who received the record number for registering a case on Thursday. “It’s no joke when we say we swim in a cove,” Scott told Samala.

“What have you been taught over the last five, six months that has left you better prepared for the current situation?” CBS News asked.

“It’s scary,” Samala replied. “I think the scary part for many of us is that we don’t know how anyone would handle Covid.”

On Thursday, at least eight states recorded the highest number of their daily cases since the outbreak began. The numbers are steadily rising in New Jersey, where a positive rate will put the state on its own quarantine list, and Florida’s single-day deaths have doubled overnight.

One factor that can help a person is their blood type. Two studies this week suggest that people with type O blood may be less susceptible to COVID-19, but not specific coronavirus treatments. A new study from the World Health Organization has found that treatments such as rimadesivir and hydroxychloroquine do not improve COVID-19 survival.

“People just don’t take the virus seriously,” said Ann Eurek of Lancaster, Wisconsin. “My uncle, my brother, my sister and then my dad died,” Eurek said. “I couldn’t even go to my dad’s funeral. We can’t say goodbye.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci On Wednesday, the White House pushed against the idea that mob immunity – spreading the virus uncontrollably while rescuing the most vulnerable – could be the country’s way out of the epidemic. Fawcett called the idea “total nonsense.”