Coronavirus Live Updates: University says students may deliberately contract COVID-19 to sell plasma

Brigham Young University-Idaho said it was investigating reports of students who disclosed themselves or others in the hope of getting Covid-19 disease and paying for plasma with antibodies.

A private university in Rexburg, Idaho, shared the development in a statement posted on its website on Monday, saying it was “extremely upset” by the accounts.

“The university condemns this behavior and actively seeks evidence of any such behavior among our student organization,” the school said. “Students who deliberately resolve to expose themselves or others to the virus will be immediately suspended from the university and may be permanently expelled.”

The university warns that if the recent COVID-19 trend continues in Madison County and surrounding Idaho, it may be forced to transition to a full remote instruction model.

“The contraction and spread of COVID-19 is not a trivial matter. Reckless neglect of health and safety will lead to additional diseases and loss of life in our community,” the school said. “We urge all members of the campus community to act respectfully and responsibly, inspecting all public health and university protocols and putting the well-being of others above personal benefit or convenience.”

The university added that it is “ready to help students” who are struggling with the physical, emotional and economic stress of the coronavirus epidemic.

“Behaviors that endanger health or safety never need to be remedied in order to end,” the school said.

At least 109 students and 22 staff at Brigham Young University-Idaho have contracted COVID-19, according to the latest information provided by the school.

The report was contributed by ABC News’ John Hawworth.