Coronavirus Live updates: hospitalization in New York, constantly declining death rates

NEW YORK (WABC) – Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that New York showed a continuous and steady decline in hospitalization and death rates.

The state reported 13 new deaths, hospitalizations continued to drop to 908 statewide, and less than one percent of COVID-19 tests on Friday were positive.

While New York reportedly has the lowest infection rate in the United States, other areas of the country are witnessing an alarming number of new cases of coronavirus.

The spread has broken records in 12 states as Miami’s beaches are closing again and bars are closing in Florida and Texas.

In New York City, pet owners can once again watch their dogs enjoy a run in the park, while recreational sports will also resume on July 6 for Phase 3.


Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that New York showed a continuous and steady decline in hospitalization and death rates.

The state reported 13 new deaths.

Of the 73,262 tests performed in New York State on Friday, 0.96% were positive, while hospitalizations continued to drop to 908 statewide.

“While this is good news, New Yorkers cannot become complacent: We must remain vigilant and smart in the fight against COVID-19. Wear a mask, socially distant, be tough on New York,” Cuomo said.

A high school graduation ceremony in Westchester County is believed to be the source of a spread of the coronavirus that worries health officials.


New Jersey reported 347 new positive cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, bringing the state total to 170,873.

Governor Murphy reported that another 36 deaths were among residents who tested positive, bringing the number of deaths in the state to 13,094.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city is on its way for Phase 3 to begin on July 6.

Restaurants will reopen for indoor dining in Phase 3 at 50% capacity. Personal care services such as nail salons, massages, spas, tanning, tattoos and piercings, and waxing. Some 50,000 workers are expected to return to work in the city in Phase 3.

Nassau County is reviewing options with key stakeholders for a “safe reopening of schools in September,” said executive Laura Curran. Ultimately, she said the decision to open will come from the state, but she wants the county to be prepared. The number of daily new coronavirus cases reported in Nassau County has dropped below 1%.

Curran says the numbers have continued to drop since the reopening began a month ago. He encouraged people to continue to wear face covers and practice social distancing to mitigate COVID risks, just as wearing a seat belt protects people in the event of an accident.

Governor Ned Lamont announced Thursday that Connecticut will plan a full-time school education framework in the fall, as long as public health data continues to support the model.
While Connecticut has determined that the reopening of schools for in-person instruction can be accomplished based on the state’s successful COVID-19 containment efforts, this model will be supported by more intensive mitigation strategies and specific monitoring, containment plans. and cancellation of classes.


On Saturday, the state of Florida set another record for daily confirmed coronavirus cases.

Florida health officials reported more than 9,500 new cases of COVID-19, beating the previous day’s total of more than 600 confirmed cases. The numbers come as officials move to re-close the beaches and discourage bar gatherings.

In addition to Florida and South Carolina, the COVID Tracking Project reports that Nevada and Georgia also reached a record number of cases today (with Nevada more than double its highest daily total).

Vice President Mike Pence’s campaign events in Arizona and Florida next week were postponed “as a precaution,” a Trump campaign official confirmed to ABC News. Both states are seeing an increase in the rates of positivity, hospitalizations and deaths, according to an analysis by ABC News.



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