Coronavirus Live News: WHO warns of new cases in Europe



In a very different election race, in a country that has had a very different coronavirus response:

With stability in the order of that day, it is called covid election.

But it has turned into a bizarre general election campaign that the people of New Zealand have never seen, most people in the country are desperate for its end and normal is likely to return to normal in an unusual year.

After a month-long delay due to a coronavirus outbreak in Uck Cland, the country’s largest city, New Zealanders will finally head to the polls on Saturday.

But as millions of developed people have already cast their votes, polling day will also be passed.

The lack of excitement and muted atmosphere has everything to do with the tremendous success in managing the epidemic of Kovid and the upcoming Jakinda Arden. With so many people struggling with job losses and uncertainty, the election is an unwelcome speed bump that hinders a quick return to their old lives.

For months, opinion polls have shown the Labor Party’s alleys ahead of the opposition National Party, and it is currently leading with 15 points at 46%, while Arden is also ahead in the election as Prime Minister of choice.


U.S. near 8th. Case




NBC host Savannah Guthrie is ordering this Trump townhall in such a way that we have rarely seen a mediator or interviewer with the president in the last four years.

After the grandeur of the first debate, when Trump made more than 100 interruptions by some counts, it is becoming a breath of fresh air for many viewers:


I’m glad Trump agreed to another discussion. Didn’t realize he would be with Savannah Guthrie.

16 October October, 2020