Coronavirus live news: about 600 deaths reported in Brazil; Victoria will go 30 days without new cases | World News

The state media is reporting intensively on research on coronavirus found on the packaging of frozen food imports, which is not considered a significant vector of infection elsewhere, and potential cases of the disease found outside China’s borders before December 2019.

Officer People’s Daily The newspaper claimed in a Facebook post last week that “all available evidence indicates that the coronavirus did not start in Wuhan, central China.”

A State Department spokesman asked about state media reports that the virus was intended outside China, only to differentiate between where Kovid-19 was first discovered and where it was crossing a species barrier to infect humans. Is important.

“However, China was the first to file a case, but that does not mean that the virus originated in China,” Zhao told Lijia in a briefing. “Original tracing is an ongoing process that can involve multiple countries and territories.”

Chinese scientists have also submitted a paper for publication Lancet – although it has not yet been peer-reviewed – it claims that “Wuhan is not the place where the first human-to-human transmission of Co-2 occurred”, instead suggesting that the first case may be in the “Indian subcontinent”.

Claims that the virus originated outside of China have received little recognition from Western scientists. Michael Rhea, director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health emergency program, said last week that it would be “very speculative” to argue that the disease did not occur in China.