Corey Sear Multi Homer NLCS Game 5

Corey Seeger is not ready to go home. In Game 5 of a National League Championship Series match against the Braves at the Globe Life Field on Friday, the Dodgers shortstop scored a home run pairing, the other giving Los Angeles a five-run lead in the seventh inning.

Corey Seeger Not ready to go home.

In Game 5 of a National League Championship Series match against the Braves at the Globe Life Field on Friday, Dodgers hit a pair of home runs from a shortstop, the other giving Los Angeles a five-run lead in the seventh inning. His 7-3 victory.

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The 26-year-old is making her mark in the NLCS. Caesar’s 10 RBI is the highest by Dodgers Player in the Postseason series. His four homers in the series, Steve Garvey (1978 NLCS) and Duke Schneider (’52 and ’55 World Series), tied most of the playoffs in the playoffs by time.

“It simply came to our notice then [to watch him play]Dodgers put outfielder Bates. “I didn’t know much when I arrived. I just knew he was a good shortstop, he could swing a little. Seeing him day in and day out is a blessing. I really only have one job, and it’s going to stay that way, until it hits me – which doesn’t take much time. “

Caesar’s first home run was Scott Statcast’s estimated 415-foot left Tyler Metzic to make the Daggers ‘first run of the night in the fourth and make the Braves’ advantage 2-1. Los Angeles got an aggressive momentum from there, setting the stage for Sierra’s second homer after three innings – an estimated 413-foot blast from the statecast against Jacob Webb.

“That guy is something else,” said Braves manager Brian Snyter. “He’s a tough out. He runs fights. He never gives up the bat. He’s a very dangerous and impressive hitter.”

However, this kind of success at this stage is not something that Caesar had enjoyed much before. Until this year, his playoff performances were largely marked by struggles on the plate, as exemplified by his batting average in his first four postsenses: .188 (2015), .205 (’16), .237 (’17). ), .150 (’19). Its OPS peaked at .743 in ’17, compared to 1.251 this year.

He made his debut in 2020 with three postseason homers in 31 games. He has added five more in just 10 games this year.

“I think it’s a lot – it’s healthy, it’s healthy, it’s been a tremendous year,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “The experience in that postseason is lining up all the content. For me, right now, there is no better player than this. ”

The CJR spoke of his success, summing up his playoff tears by simply saying: “Right now it’s just kind of putting good swings on good patches, and every kind of clicking.”

Let’s take a closer look at how he’s clicking:

Ager became the first Dodgers shortstop to record a multi-home run post-season game. He teamed up with Carlos Correa (Game 1 of the American League Division Series) and Fernando Tatis Jr. (Game 2 of the NL Wild Card Series) as shortstops to achieve multi-homer games during the 2020 playoffs. This year marks the first time in post-Major League history that three multi-home runs have been performed by Shortstops; There were only seven such games in the playoffs.

With five homers and 14 RBIs in The 2020 Postseason, CJR tied the dodgers marks set by Davy Lopez (five homers) in 1978 and Justin Turner (14 RBIs) in 2017.

Position At his position, Searle makes way for Korea (17 home runs, 48 ​​RBIs) and Derek Jeter (20 home runs, 61 RBIs) in all his shortstops with eight homers and 24 RBIs in his post-career games.

Ager Seeger is the first player in any position to record four home and 10 RBIs in any NLCS. He is the most recent player to hit four homers in this round since Daniel Murphy did in 2015. CAGR has entered the NLCS in Game 6, with Evan Rodriguez (’03) for most RBIs.

Particular This exclusive neutral site offers Caesar and Dodgers an advantage: Caesar has run five home runs in the Globe Life Field this year (not regular season and posts ason). Only in 2020 (six) did the second baseman of the Rangers hit harder.

For all the stats and notable listings, Sear’s focus is on performing and avoiding elimination in Game 6, wherever it ranks in the stats category.

“The whole goal is to win. We haven’t done that yet, ”he said. “So no matter what you’re doing, if you can’t win at the end of the year, it’s not the same. We’re just trying to win a game tomorrow and let things happen. ”

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