Come back to tech stocks and help drive the S&P 500’s growth toward the end of the year, the strategist said.

Investors in stocks can be forgiven for some of the fatigue that is appearing on Monday, the last day of what has been a blockbuster month for stocks.

S&P 500 SPX,
+ 0.24%
And Dow Industries DJIA,
+ 0.12%
Down has been set for its best November since 1928, with even set for the largest monthly return since January 1987.

But, we still have some fuel left to buy for the next few weeks, we say Call of the day Adam Kobesi, founder and editor-in-chief of The Kobesi Letter.

“While we believe that many bearish headwinds in this market remain the same, we do not see short-term price action in terms of bullishness due to the concept of ‘market euphoria,'” KBC told consumers in a newsletter. Such as the 3600 and the new all-time high, which could easily lead the index to 37,300+. “

And when the U.S. While Kovid-19 is watching the related shutdown, economic data will still continue, he says.

“Even the day-to-day average of the percentage of positive cases in the United States has dropped below 10.0% last week, to close to 9.4%. If this continues to decline, especially below .0.0%, then equities will continue to look past the short-term headwinds of the epidemic, ”says Kobesi.

Investors, of course, will be mindful of the fact that many Thanksgiving get-gutters are seeing more and more cases and hospitalizations in the coming weeks. But about the only “basic catalyst” that can keep the S&P 500 down is the failure of the COVID-19 vaccine. And the news has been pretty good this month, so the stock is benefiting.

Kobesi also advises investors to keep an eye on technol stji stocks, which have been less pleasant until late, but are participating for a comeback.

“Feng (Facebook FB,
+ 0.80%,
Apple Pal AAPL,
+ 0.48%, AMZN,
+ 0.32%,
Netflix NFLX,
+ 1.31%
And Google Google of the Alphabet,
+ 1.29%
), In particular, is likely to recover and lead to the next step as hospitality stocks move this initial step towards an all-time high, ”says Kobesi.

Netflix has caught his attention. Losing the latest rally, the streaming platform has been stuck in a tight range of શેર 475 to 500 500 a share for a few weeks, he says. Kobisi says the range is also stuck at a bigger price of 460 to 575 dollars, which seems to be “building up for an upper breakout in the next few weeks.”

Netflix offers a stay above 60 460 to 5 475, he says the stock could hit 520 per share, but he advises investors to be cautious if it falls below the stock’s support range. That’s what they say


U.S. Stock futures YM100,


+ 0.14%
European stocks, with SXXP, are mostly low,
Asian stocks fell across the board.

Oil prices CL.1,

The Monday Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is coming down as it prepares for a virtual meeting on Monday.

Bitcoin is climbing cryptocurrencies with BTCUSD,
+ 78.7878%
Above 18,000.

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S&P Global SPGI,
+ 1.04%
Rival Data Provider IHS Markets Announces -L-Stock Buyout Deal for INFO,
+ 0.30%
Which is worth 44 billion.

MRNA of drug manufacturer Moderna,
+ 16.34%
It says it will file an emergency author authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, which also shows an effectiveness of 94.1%.

D Deb. Deborah Birks, coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, says the U.S. In those who travel for Thanksgiving and gathered in large numbers. They are infected “assume”. There were a record હતા9 Kovid-19 patients in U.S. hospitals on Sunday.

Shopping Online Shopping Tracker According to Adobe Analytics, consumers are flocking to the U.S. on Black Friday. Cyber ​​Monday may be the biggest in shopping history after spending nearly 9 9 billion on retail websites. That was a 22% increase over the 2019 record, although fears of the Covid-19 meant a 52% drop in store traditional traffic.

China’s largest chip maker and energy group – Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. 688981,
+ 0.54%
And China National Fisher Oil Corp. – President Donald Trump’s administration is shocked by reports that he will be added to an export blacklist. It peaked at three years, like the gauge of Chinese factory activity in November.

Outstanding home sales, busy data is ahead of the week which will end with Friday November job data, when we will see how many jobs have been destroyed by another coronavirus wave.

President-elect Joe Biden suffered a fracture in his leg while playing with one of his dogs.


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