Colts All-Pro Quenton Nelson is # 29 ranked guard in the NFL Top 100

According to the NFL Top 100, Indianapolis Colts All-Pro offensive guard Quenton Nelson is the 29th best player in the league in 2020 by current NFL players—And the highest ranked guard on the list (who has run 10 consecutive years):

The highly selected sixth overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft has already become a 2x NFL All-Pro All-Pro for the Colts and is still a long way from turning 25.

He is simply a transcendent talent and a generational player in his position.

The Pancake Robot ‘is already the best offensive guard in the entire sport. By Professional soccer approach (Subscription) Nelson was his second highest-rated guard last season with an overall rating of +91.2, highlighted by a career blocking rating of +90.1.

He didn’t deliver a single bag in 603 instant passes during 2019, and going even further, has not allowed one in 30 consecutive starts dating from his rookie season in 2018.

However, he is also a certified road classified in the Colts running game:

“Since the end of the first month of his NFL career, Nelson has the highest career blocking rating among all guards by nearly five rating points.” PFF’s Sam Monson wrote. “Nelson is the only player with a north rating of 90.0, and only three other guards are even above 80.0 in the same time frame, all current or previous All-Pros.”

However, it is not only that Nelson is great, but since his arrival in 2018, he has been a catalyst for one of the most improved (and best) offensive lines in football, as his physique, toughness, leadership and style open-mouthed have worn out. in all his teammates in the trenches, who have raised their collective game in the process.

By PFF, Nelson was his 4th best overall player in the PFF Top 50 this offseason, and was recently classified ESPN’s current top-rated offensive linemen.

Arguably the face of the Colts franchise right now“And on the offensive guard, which has been a historically undervalued and overlooked position, seemingly unappealing.” However, Nelson has made an art of the position, ‘Big Q’s House of Pancakes’ with over a million sold, and counting.

Just bring the maple syrup … and pain!

He is a great player and has all the characteristics of a perennial All-Pro and future Hall of Fame member from the first vote for the Colts. I guess this won’t be his first and only year in the NFL Top 100, although the fact that he wasn’t even listed last year is pretty shocking.

Here are many more appearances to come!