Chronica says it’s impossible for Chronica to restore Shinok to Mernal Combat 11

Chronica Mortal Combat 11 and Mortal Combat 11: The next main story is the main opponent of mods. Needless to say he serves as a very late final or penalty boss depending on what campaign is being run.

Before the release of Terrible Combat 11, Chronica was announced a character who was even more powerful than the Elder Gods himself. When Chronica refers to herself as “Titan” we find out exactly.

During the storyline of Terrible Combat 11, it was finally speculated by Ryden that Chronica’s goal was to create a timeline where good and evil were balanced. To do this, she needs both her children, Cetrian and Shinok, to stay alive and in power.

By beheading Shinok at the conclusion of Terrible Combat X, Dark Ryden set the events of Terrible Combat 11 in motion. Some may have wondered why Kronika did not restore Shinok just to help defend the watch.

According to Dominic Cianciolo, the Nellarlem studio story and the voice is over, bringing Shinock to life was really beyond Chronica’s abilities. “Chronica could not restore Shinok because it was beyond his power to do so,” said Cinciolo.

“When Rayden fired Shinok at the end of the terrible Combat X, the task itself was reversible,” Cinciolo continued. “And it was an act that struck a balance between good and evil in a terrible combat universe, vaguely towards good.”

It was at this stage that Chronica decided that her goal could not be achieved in this timeline. Like many times before, Chronica set out to resume the timeline once again.

Interestingly enough, it seems that other Titans are not as involved in field affairs as Chronica. From the Elder Gods, it seems that only Cetrian and Shinok are children of the same Titan – both coming from Chronica.

Surprisingly, Shinok was actually sealed in Shinok’s amulet near the beginning of the story of Mortal Kombat X. Shinnock was released from the amulet only 20 years before he was beheaded.

One would think that Shinnock’s defeat against Johnny Cage and the subsequent 20 years without Shinok and Shao Kahn would serve as a significant occasion to help balance the scales of good. Naturally the Chronica wasn’t really conceived when creating the Mortal Kombat X, but it’s surprising that it’s now present as the Titan that was responsible for many previous timeline reboots.

Source: Ars Technica.