China tightens tech export controls, jeopardizing tech deal, reports say

In this arranged photograph in London, UK on Monday, Aug 3, 2020, the ticket ok application icon, in front of the national flags of China and the US, is displayed on the smartphone.

Holly Adams | Bloomberg | Getty Images

According to reports published in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times on Saturday, an updated export rule from China could jeopardize the sale of U.S. jobs on ticket ok.

According to reports, China has updated its export control rules to include the technology, which may include ticket ok, a claim that was later re-placed in a comment published in China’s state-controlled Xinhua News Agency on Saturday.

Cui Fan, a professor of international trade in Beijing, told Xinhua that Bitdance would likely have to seek the Chinese government’s approval and suggested that the company suspend talks on ticket sales.

CNBC reported on Thursday that Ticket OK will announce the sale of its US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand operations in the next 20 to 20 billion to 30 30 billion deals. Offers from several companies, including BitDance Oracle, are considering joint bids from Furse and Walmart and Micros .ft.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order earlier this month that would ban U.S. transactions with ticket ok parent company Bytens. The company on Monday sued the federal government over attempts by the Trump administration to block ticket ok.

Tickets were not immediately available for comment regarding the reports.